Online Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

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It’s not necessary to leave your home to pursue your career. It is also not necessary that only 9-5 jobs will help you earn a good salary. Thanks to modern technology and the rising trend of “everything online”, you can start your own online business from wherever you want, without compromising the comfort of your home or commitments towards your family. These days you can start your own online business for free.

How is that possible? You’ll find out soon.

Online businesses play an important role in helping homemakers start their career without any investment. The ease of starting an online business from a smartphone enables these women earn their own salaries without leaving their homes. Many women across the country are earning salaries from their online businesses which they run through social media apps and WhatsApp.

Here are some simple online business ideas that you can start today at the comfort of your couch:

1. Online personal stylist:

Do you think you have a knack for fashion? Do you think your friends like your sense of dressing and style? If yes, you can try your hand in becoming an online personal stylist. Suggest clothes and accessories for weddings and other occasions to your friends and family to start with. You can also make a Facebook or Instagram page to show off your skills as a good stylist by sharing images of your clients styled by you.

But where will you find the clothes and accessories you want to share as an online stylist?

You can download Meesho to find thousands of apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids. Share images and description of the products of your choice on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Not only will you be able to style your client with the latest fashion trends, you can also earn a salary by reselling the products listed on Meesho App.

Meesho’s star entrepreneur, Shraddha Rajput, shares her insight on how to grow your online business with WhatsApp:

2. Online boutique on social media:

Imagine if you could open a boutique with your smartphone on social media platforms? You don’t have to worry about renting out a shop to set up your business. Today, more women are using Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp to start their own online boutique without any investment.

Check out Alka Sharma’s story as she emphasizes that one doesn’t need a college degree to make their dreams come true:

On Meesho, you will find high-quality images and videos of the products you want to share with your customers. You can download images of the product you wish to sell, and upload them on your social media pages. This will help you reach out to a wide target audience and get orders from across the country.

3. Online social media reseller

Reselling on social media is one of the best and most exciting online businesses of all. In social reselling, you don’t have to invest to start your online business, you don’t have to set up a physical store for your business, and you don’t have to deal with the tedious process of delivering the products.

All you have to do is reach out to your customers by sharing the images and description of the product on social media platforms, get orders from people, and earn a commission every week.

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life?

Over 1 lakh women in India have found their confidence, dignity, and happiness by joining the Meesho community. Meesho is one-stop app to help you start with your online business for free, and earn more than 10,000 rupees in a week. Meesho has helped, will and continue to help, homemakers become financially stronger and stable.

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