Here’s how to prevent your teeth from becoming discolored

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8 tips to keep your teeth white

Healthy, white teeth: that’s how we like it. Our teeth do not have to be so white that they glow in the dark, but we do prefer to have teeth that aren’t discolored. We all know that one way to prevent discoloration is to not smoke. But what else can you do – or not do – to prevent discoloration?

1. Brush twice a day

Use the toothbrush regularly. Moreover, do not put the toothbrush back after half a minute of brushing. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes, making circular movements with the brush. This is the best way to remove the plaque. Are you not brushing well enough to remove the plaque? This may result in tartar.

2. Purchase an electric toothbrush

Speaking of brushing, electric toothbrushes often remove more plaque than regular brushes. Removing plaque properly means tartar build-up will take longer (if it happens at all). Tartar, after all, is one of the biggest causes of discolored teeth.

3. Replace your toothbrush every three months

If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you should regularly replace your brush head or toothbrush. If your bristles are worn out, removing plaque will become more difficult; you should replace the brush immediately.

4. Eat “white” food

Foods that contain many colorants don’t do much good for your teeth. Therefore, incorporate more white foods into your diet to prevent discoloration. Chicken, rice and fish are all good options.

5. Limit your tea and coffee consumption

Coffee, tea and red wine have a few things in common. All three are liquids, and all contain tannins. These chemical compounds in the drinks attack the tooth enamel, which means that your teeth can turn yellow. Try limiting your coffee, tea and red wine consumption.

6. Chew gum

When you chew gum, you produce saliva, which neutralizes the acids in your mouth. Moreover, the chewing movements also remove food particles from your teeth. For happy teeth, chew sugar-free chewing gum.

7. Eat raw vegetables

Eating raw vegetables as a snack is not only extremely healthy, but it is also good for the color of your teeth. Crispy vegetables act as a sort of solvent for plaque on your teeth. So, you’ll fill your stomach and clean your teeth at the same time. Win win!

8. Kissing

Kissing really? Yes. With kissing, you exchange saliva with your partner and that is very good for your teeth. Your partner’s saliva can neutralize the acids in your mouth and vice versa. A nice side effect is that it is also good for your immune system, as long as your partner does not have a cold or other illnesses at that time.

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