Affiliate Marketing Blueprint E-book Review: Is it the best e-book on Affiliate Marketing?

Whenever It comes to affiliate marketing, many of the newbie bloggers feel excited and they think it’s too easy. But it is not much easy as they think.

It’s all about promoting products and getting some commissions. Although, If you have good knowledge about affiliate marketing then it’s too easy for you.

Want to earn money through Affiliate marketing? But don’t have much knowledge about affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know much or even don’t know What’s Affiliate Marketing is exactly? Then, What?

So, You can easily learn affiliate marketing via ebooks, YouTube videos, Courses, etc. Nowadays, many of the informative courses are highly costly. Right?

 Only a few percentages of Bloggers all over the world have time to see videos. But Sometimes, They don’t are connected to wifi for seeing videos on YouTube.

In these conditions, Ebooks is the best choice. Isn’t it? So, there are many ebooks ( Free & Paid ) on Affiliate Marketing available in the marketing for reading.

But, I know, most people take free ebooks but don’t read it. Right? Personally, I have read many paid ebooks on affiliate marketing. But among them, AFFILIATE MARKETING BLUEPRINT is the best ebook that I have ever read.

Yes, You heard right!

It is my best ebook on affiliate marketing. And yes, this ebook is paid.

Today, I will review this ebook and share my thoughts and experience on this ebook. So, Let’s Get Started.


Let’s Dive In!

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint E-book Overview

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint is an awesome ebook on Affiliate Marketing is written by Mr. Anil Agarwal Sir Who is the founder and owner of BloggersPassion.Com

You can see about this and more of his ebooks on the E-books page of BloggersPassion. Click Here to Visit the landing page of this ebook.

When I knew about this awesome ebooks then I feel excited. And then I grabbed this awesome e-book. And After fully reading this e-book, I can say that I don’t waste my time by reading this e-book.

After reading this e-book, I got more detailed knowledge of affiliate marketing through this e-book. So, If you are looking for the best e-book for learning Affiliate Marketing in Detail, Then, You should definitely buy this e-book. I’m Sure you will love this e-book.

Let’s Talk About Some Awesome Chapters That are Included in this E-book!

Benefits Of Reading This E-Book

So, There are many benefits of reading this e-book. Because, Affiliate Marketing is not a small topic to discuss or learn. It’s BIG. So, Following are the major benefits of reading this e-book.

  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
  • The Amazon Affiliate Module (Monetize Your Website Through Amazon Associates)
  • The Blogging Module ( Monetize your blog through Affiliate Marketing )
  • The YouTube Module ( Monetize your YouTube Channel through affiliate marketing )

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

So As I told you that affiliate marketing is not much easy than many newbie bloggers think. It’s all about Promoting products and earn a commission when anyone buys the product with your affiliate link. In this module of this e-book, you will learn many things like What’s affiliate marketing? How does it Work? , etc.

Many of you may have heard about affiliate marketing but don’t know what’s it and How does it work? Right? So, In this module, you can learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing. Following are the major topics covered in this Module:-

1. What is Affiliate Marketing? How does it work? :- In this topic, you can learn What’s Affiliate Marketing and How does it work? Sounds Cool!

2. Why be an affiliate marketer? :- Many of you think that Affiliate marketing only do affiliate marketing for earning, Right? But there is more thing and benefits of Being an affiliate marketer. You can learn or read those things by reading this e-book.

3. How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer? :- Are you thinking that how much you can earn from affiliate marketing? If yes, then for the answer of your this question, you have to read this e-book.

4. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That could cost you a fortune :- Mistake is the work that every newbie blogger or affiliate marketing should avoid. Yes, Every newbie blogger or affiliate marketer make mistakes in starting and that makes become the problem ahead on You are not earning from it! In this e-book, Anil Sir has also discussed about Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that you should avoid.

5. Top 5 Rules for affiliate marketing success:- “Rules” is the things that we should follow. There is not anything like there is no rules in affiliate marketing.

There are many rules in affiliate marketing for being a successful affiliate marketer. So, in this e-book, Anil Sir also have written about some Golden Rules to follow for being successful in affiliate marketing,

The Amazon Affiliate Module (Monetize Your Website Through Amazon Associates)

Hey, Have you joined Amazon Associates Affiliate Program? If yes, then may you have doubt that can you monetize your blog or website with it or not? Right? So, In this module, you will learn From Amazon Associates Basic To Advance. You will also learn the following topics which are covered in this Module:-

1. Amazon Associates Basic:- We all know Every Successful Personality starts with small. So, While learning also, we should learn with small topic. And the first topics or lesson you should learn about amazon associates is AMAZON ASSOCIATES BASIC. You will learn about this module from small to advance level in this e-book.

2. 3 Smart Ways to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche:- So Guys, you may have heard that we should always choose a right and positive way to get success in anything. After knowing the basic of amazon associates then you have to pick a profitable amazon niche.

There are many ways to find a profitable niche but as I told you, Always Choose a right and positive way. So, In this Topic of Amazon Associates Module, You can know about 3 smart ways to find a profitable amazon niche.

3. 3 Fundamental Steps to Generate Long-Term SEO Traffic to Amazon Affiliate Websites:- So, After picking a profitable niche for your amazon associates blog/website, you have to do Long-Term SEO to get traffic. Right? So, in this particular topic, you can read about some awesome steps to generate long-term SEO traffic to your Amazon affiliate websites.

4. 5 Essential Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Install:- Now, You have to install some awesome and essential plugins for your amazon affiliate blog or website. I’m sure, you will love the list of the 5 Essential Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins to install. Excited To Read the E-book?

5. 5 Proven ways to increase your amazon affiliate earnings:-So friends, After completing the above steps, You want to know that how to increase affiliate earning in it? Right? So, In this e-book, Anil sir have also written about 5 Proven ways to increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings.

Blogging Module + YouTube Module Also!

So Guys, Finally, I have explained about 2 Modules of this e-book. But are you thinking that there are only 2 Modules? If yes, You are WRONG! So, There are 2 more modules left for explaining. But If i will explain both of them then this article will be too long. So, Let’s Discuss about its 2 more modules in short.

  • The YouTube Module (Monetize Your YouTube Channel Through Affiliate Marketing:- So guys, Maybe, You are a YouTuber, not a blogger. So, Don’t Worry! There is also a module for youtube channel monetization. You will learn about the Following topics in this module:-

* 3 Secrets of Building A Highly Successful YouTube Channel

* What Types Of Videos You Should Create To Increase Affiliate Sales From YouTube?

* Video Content Creation Strategies to Sell More Products

* How to Rank Your Videos On Google And YouTube?

  • The Blogging Module (Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing):- So Friends, BLOG, many of you have. Are you running any blog? want to monetize it through affiliate marketing? Then This module will definitely help you to monetize your blog, with affiliate marketing. This Module has covered the following topics:-

* How to get started with affiliate Marketing?

* How to find a money making niche for your Blog?

* Where to Find Profitable Products That Sell Like Hotcakes?

* A Simple Step By Step Beginner’s Tutorial on Keyword Research [Plus Free Keyword Research Tools List]

* How to Write Product Reviews That Get Read and Convert Into Sales?

* 6 Powerful Ways to Promote Affiliate Products Through Your Blog

Premium Bonuses You Will get in free after Purchasing This E-book!

Now, Finally, After reading about what type of content you will see in this e-book, Let’s discuss about the bonuses which you will get with this e-book. Excited To Know the Bonuses?

So, The Bonuses Are:-





Now, You can see above that you will get 4 premium e-books as bonuses worth 1000 INR For FREE. That’s Awesome. Isn’t it? So, What are you waiting for? Go and Grab It! But Wait, What’s its price?

About The Author Of This E-Book

As I told you earlier, This e-book’s author is Mr. Anil Agarwal Sir. Yes, He is the founder of BloggersPassion, HostingMonks, MakeBlogging, and many more other blogs. He is doing Blogging For a decade ( 10 Years ). Now, You can guess about his experience in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. Not only Affiliate Marketing e-book, but He has also written many e-books before like Keyword Research E-Book. And His latest e-book is SEO Playbook which is related to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Pricing & Payment Methods

So Guys, Now, Let’s talk about its price. So, Its Price is 999 INR and if you are outside of India then you have to Pay $13.20 Only! I thinks its very suitable price. At 999 INR you are going to get awesome knowledges about affiliate Marketing with 4 BONUSES E-BOOKS For Free.

Currently, You can pay for the e-book via BHIM Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, RuPay, PayTm VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro also. So, I think nowadays, in India, almost 95% of people use Paytm. So, If you are not using it then you can pay via any payment method that is supported while buying this e-book.


So, At last, I would like to say that If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing in Detail, This e-book will definitely help you. Even I have read this e-book, and I can say, I didn’t waste my money and time reading this e-book. GO & Purchase this e-book. I’m sure you will love it.

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