Critical mistakes in Blogging & How to fix them? [ Expert Roundup ]

So guys, Do you also think that a Professional Bloggers don’t do mistakes?

If yes, then, you are entirely WRONG!

Yes, it doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or Pro, everybody makes mistakes. Mistake is not opposite of Success, It is a way to success.

You should learn from your mistakes. Mistake is the biggest teacher of Life. Right?

In blogging also, all the bloggers make some critical mistakes that stops them to achieve success in blogging. You should avoid them.

But what are those mistakes & How can you fix them?

Lets see what professionals say about it. Yes, Today, I am going to invite some professionals bloggers to say about the topic.

Are you excited? I know you’re. So, be ready.

Are you ready?

Lets dive in!

Anil Agarwal From BloggersPassion.Com

keyword research e-book review

Make mistakes when you’re a beginner. But make sure to learn from them.

Over the 15 years of my blogging journey, I made a ton of mistakes and also learned a lot from them (I’m still learning though). 

Although three are many mistakes most bloggers make, here are TWO big mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Not treating blogging as a business: Most bloggers blog for fun. They don’t treat their blog as a business. That’s why the majority of beginner bloggers fail to make money online. 

Only when you consider blogging as a business, you’ll start investing your time and money into growing it. That’s how you generate more traffic and make profits in the long run. 

2. Not setting smaller goals: Another common mistake is most beginners aim big. Although there’s nothing wrong with setting big goals, they should be doable. Don’t expect to make $10,000 per month in the first year of your blogging (when you’re not even making $100).

Set smaller goals such as;

  • Earning your first $100 (next $1000/mo)
  • Getting your first 1000 subscribers
  • Getting 100 visitors a day to your blog and so on

Navin Rao From QuestionCage.Com

Every beginner makes mistakes so do I. But over time I learned a lot by learning all the time from fellow bloggers. 🙂
Let me share my experience and observations, and you might be able to learn from them and not repeat the mistakes. 

  • Don’t compare yourself with authoritative or established bloggers – It takes time to show up, as for them. Keep patience and learn from them.
  • Don’t cover too many topics on your blog – Show your expertise with a certain topic. It will show your expertise
  • Don’t concentrate on word count – This makes your content boring and you will repeat the same thing again and again. Provide rock-solid info, remember the readers won’t check the word count. They need a solution to their problem.
  • Keep your blog post simple and write it for people across the globe – This will let you write without using complex words or sentences.
  • SEO SEO SEO – While writing, don’t just keep SEO in mind. Make sure the content is readable and interesting.
  • Keep the Intro and Outro simple of any blog posts – Make sure the intro describes the blog post to its best. Your final words let the user take action.
  • Use Call to action at the right place. Don’t fix a place, it could be anywhere. The motto is the user to take action.
  • Write faster and edit later. Never do it simultaneously.
  • Structure your blog properly. Use silo structure for better SEO, navigation, and user experience.
  • Do proper keyword research – Don’t just target one keyword and repeat the same over and over again.
  • Capture email – Do it from the first day. email marketing is a gold mine.
  • Be consistent with the content and promotions as well as making quality backlinks.

Think of a long term. Blogging is fruitful than any other business online. 🙂

Santanu Debnath From BloggingJoy.Com

Mistakes are a good habit, I believe so. Because the more you make mistakes in the beginning, the more you learn. But that doesn’t mean that doing continuous mistakes are good as well. If you are not learning from your mistakes, then there is no point to discuss. And that’s what I believe that you must understand what is the mistake and how to come out of that with a solution so that the same mistake doesn’t repeat again.

In blogging also, we make several mistakes as a beginner. And that’s how you will actually learn as there are no alternatives for that. Here are few of the common mistakes that I would like to highlight here.

  • Start Following Top Bloggers Blindly: It’s good to have a role model as you need that to get motivation. But what I have noticed is that people simply get into blogging as XYZ has made $$$$ which is really awesome. But understand why they got success or how they got that. If you simply start copying their style and everything, you may not be able to create a successful blog. 
  • Don’t Understand The Value Of Content Writing: I know creating a blog with 10-15 awesome blog posts may need hardly 1 week and a few thousand rupees as there are content writers available and you have some money to spend. But this is how you want to become a blogger? Do you know that to become a blogger the first skill you need is content writing? If you don’t know how to write content that can attract readers, then you are not a blogger. Sorry to say that. So, focus on learning content writing and later on, you can hire as many writers as you want.
  • Not Focusing On Networking: Well, networking doesn’t mean connecting with someone for a backlink or guest post of any kind of collaboration. I know how things happen in blogging. But as a beginner, one must focus on creating good friends and think beyond these small benefits. You need a lot of mental support if you really want to build a career in blogging. So, make real friends online who actually help you to grow as a better blogger.

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Ryan Biddulph From BloggingFromParadise.Com

Ryan Biddulph

Cool thanks Pravakar 🙂

One huge mistake I see in blogging is that bloggers cling to imaginary, arbitrary rules, like:

– all posts NEED TO BE 2000 plus words or the post is not valuable
– only Google traffic is quality traffic
– the only way to make money online is to build an email list

….and the list genuinely seems to go on and on, seemingly forever.

Never, ever box yourself in with blogging rules. Never be a rigid blogger. I break most blogging rules and have experienced at least a tiny bit of success. Being generous, listening to your reader problems and solving their specific problems matters the most.

Being genuine and compassionate matters the most. How you embody these qualities does not matter one bit. Some bloggers serve their readers best with 600-word blog posts. Some bloggers help their readers best with 3000 word blog posts. Find your place in the Universe. Start there.

I would add that always being hungry or greedy for more is a huge blogging mistake, instead of being grateful and appreciative for what you already have.

I eventually learned not to be greedy or desperate for more traffic and profits, but to appreciate having the opportunity to help my readers, to make friends with fellow bloggers and to be grateful for any blogging worldly success I experienced.

Being grateful for what you have expands your success. Being greedy for more expands your struggles and failure.

Never box yourself in with fixed rules. Be flexible.

Appreciate your blog and what comes along with your blogging duties, versus being greedy or desperate for more.

Address this two way too common blogging mistakes to expand your freedom and to accelerate your blogging success.

Janice Wald From MostlyBlogging.Com

Janice Wald

Mistake: Avoiding SEO.

How to fix?: Use keyword tools like the MozBar. Here is a MozBar tutorial.

Mistake: Ignoring posts after publication.

How To Fix? : Use a Search Engine Results Page Checker. If you find you rank in the Top 20, update the post with fresh content. Here is a SERPChecker tutorial:… In addition to checking on SERP Position and updating the post with fresh content, you need to promote your posts.

Here are 63 free places to promote your posts… These problems relate to writing blog posts both before and after publication. Don’t worry. Without a budget, these problems are easily fixed so you can boost your blog traffic in 2021.

Shehraj Singh From Shehraj.Com

mistakes in blogging

I love to learn from other people’s mistakes. Not only that, but I also love to share my mistakes as well. I’ve done many mistakes in my blogging journey.

Today, I gonna address one of them. When I stepped into blogging, I thought that Google traffic is everything. I didn’t focus on other sources of traffic.

For Instance, Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet. I need to focus thereby creating informational content OR I need to focus on advertising my content. I didn’t do anything.

One fine day, Google came with its broad core update. Damn! My traffic was down. Broked me up! I learned this lesson the hard way! I wanna say that Never focus on one traffic source.

Sayem Ibn Kashem From Facileway.Com

mistakes in blogging

First of all Thanks Pravakar for another opportunity with some of my favourite blogging buddies. Today I am gonna share my opinion on important blogging mistakes. There is a saying that mistakes make you wiser and the pain makes you stronger. 

So there is a great positive impact of making mistakes in every sphere of life. The man who learns from his mistakes won’t make the same mistake again. 

In blogging, there are some important mistakes you may make. If this mistake is listed here, it will be helpful for you to fix and avoid doing such things. 

So without further ado let’s get started 

Not Setting Proper Blogging Mindsets 

It doesn’t matter how expert you are if you are not setting your blogging mindsets. Have you ever wondered why the backbencher in your school is a successful businessman and you are not that successful yet? This is all about his mindsets. Just follow the same formula he did. You will succeed if you don’t give up soon. 

Writing Just For Search Engines 

Search engines love the content that is loved by the readers. So don’t just write for the search engines to get ranked higher. If you write just for Google and ignore the readability for your readers, you will start getting a higher bounce rate.

A higher bounce rate means your readers are not loving your content. If your readers are not loving your content anymore, you are losing tons of traffic that will decrease the conversions. So focus on writing for your readers, not Google. 

Not Setting Target Audience 

Write for your target audience. Don’t cover everything in your blog. For example, You have a sweets shops. People will come to buy sweets not clothes. So write for a single topic and on a specific topic. You will gain authority and Google loves authority sites. 

Not focusing on Keyword Research 

Organic traffic drives insane hot sales. But most of the newbie bloggers start writing without focusing on Keyword Research and get they lose the chance of organic traffic. If you are

thinking of getting tons of traffic from search engine and rank on the top, start focusing on keyword research. 

There are many more blogging mistakes every newbie bloggers makes as I made. Such as not capturing email list, Lack of consistency, focusing on making money quickly, thinking getting success in blogging is a rocket scene and so on! 

These are some basic common blogging mistakes every newbie blogger makes. As mistakes are the key to become wiser, you just don’t need to worry that much. Just keep learning, make mistakes and learn to fix this. Google has every resource. Just make good use of Google! That’s all!

Archana Tiwari From HostingFrame.Com

mistakes in blogging

Hi Pravakar, thank you for inviting me to your roundup.

Nowadays, blogging is becoming more popular, and competition is also increasing drastically. Because of Covid-19, many people shifted online to make money. And creating your own business required a lot of time and money expenditure.

But creating a blog is not so costly. That’s why many people have started their blog. It might happen that they have taken inspiration from popular blogs and their earnings.

That’s great, but now they are facing the problem and thinking to quit blogging because their blog is not growing, and they are unable to generate any amount.

Do you know why this happens to most newbies? Well, let me explain the biggest mistake or a new blogger.

Proper Analysis of Interest and Topic

Although starting a blog is easy but taking it to the next level is always a challenging task.

You have to perform several activities to generate traffic on your blog. But the problem is that almost all new bloggers are starting a blog after seeing someone succeed. They don’t think about his interest and the topic in which they can perform better.

However, they chose that topic in which some famous bloggers are making money, not that topic in which they have an interest and can deliver content for the long term.

That’s why they are facing problems because after publishing some article, they have no other Idea about what they write.

Lack of Knowledge

Well, you can make passive income from blogging; however, you have to improve your skill and knowledge about your topic.

In that way, you can perform better in your Niche and produce quality content that people want to read. At least you have to gain knowledge about essential elements of blogging; then only you can stand at some level.

It would be best if you had to learn the following things before starting your blog- Like Topic and Keywords Research, SEO (On-Page, Off-Page, Technical SEO), how they work and how to implement it on the blog without common mistakes.

Don’t start your blog in a hurry and put your feet under the axe. Apart from that, you have to improve your writing skill and learn how to write a killer article that your audience loves to read and get ranked in search engines.


You have to keep working consistently on your blog with patience. Because growing any new blog and generating money from it will take time. Blogging is not an overnight millionaire scheme. It is not that you have started your blog today, and you will start earning from tomorrow.

You have to wait for some time, maybe a few months. Never lose your hope and keep the consistency towards writing quality content, promotion, increase blog authority, SEO, and blog speed optimization.

Premium Tools

Many new bloggers are still using free and nulled blogging tools that negatively impact your blogging journey; why I am saying that because these types of tools have fewer features and are not properly SEO optimized.

In this case, either you won’t be able to utilize their feature, or they will slow down your site. As you already know that no one likes slow websites, even though google also ignores such types of blogs or websites.

So, that is all in the new blogger mistake; I am quite sure you will think twice about the above points before starting your blog. If you already started, then start implementing these points.

Nikola Roza From NikolaRoza.Com

mistakes in blogging

One of the most common and dangerous mistakes in blogging is not going all out on content early one.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that so many beginner bloggers put half assed effort into their articles.

Their logic behind it is that they want to test the waters, slap a bunch of spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.

On one hand that seems reasonable, focus only on what works and cut the rest.

But on the other hand, it’s really unreasonable and a practice that curbs blogging success more than anything else.

Because, if you put out a subpar article and it is nowhere to be found, how do you know that maybe it could’ve ranked had you produced the best article you were capable of?

You don’t know!

And it’s best not to pretend that you do.

Because you limit your growth like that as you’re giving up on keywords you could’ve ranked for but now never will as you think they’re beyond your grasp.

It’s best not to presume what Google will rank or not.

In fact, it’s best to assume everything you post will hit page one of Google and give your best effort for every keyword you target.

But hey, I’m not blameless here. In fact I have many (embarrassing) stories to tell.

For example, do you know I rank my Unbounce coupon code article on the second page of Google for all money keywords?

And it’s a recent development as it happened when I updated my page to be the best it can be.

So it happened barely 3 days after I updated that page.

And before that?

My page was sh…t, and honestly, it didn’t deserve to rank even in the first 100 results.

Because back when I first created it I thought I’d never rank and I barely put some effort in it. 

Well, a lesson learned and I hope bloggers reading this will learn from my mistake and not theirs.

Akash Singh From LitBlogging.Com

mistakes in blogging

First of all, thank you Paravakr for inviting me for this roundup post.

I want to mention two major mistakes that many bloggers are still making in 2021 and according to me you should avoid these mistakes.

  1. Not Capturing Leads

In simple words not capturing leads means not making emails list for website visitors. An email list is one of the best self-controlled traffic sources for your website with an email list you can drive traffic on your blog or website whenever you want.

Email list also good to promote affiliate programs and any of your products and the best thing about email list is it’s completely free. No need to spend a single penny from your pocket to build an email list.

There are a lot of tools that help you to build email list and send emails to your email subscribers. Personally I am using Mailerlite and Convertkit email marking tools for this. You can use any of these tools and also you can search for other tools according to your requirements.

  1. Not Being Consistent

Second major mistake that many bloggers make is not being consistent. Many people publish a blog post and sit back for a long time and think they will get a lot of traffic and customers with that single blog post.

But, No you need to write consistently to succeed in the blogging field. This is very simple if you are writing consistently you are delivering more value for readers and if you provide value you will get more traffic, sales, and leads as well.

These are the two major mistakes that you should avoid and there are many other mistakes that bloggers make to know more about those mistake check these 17+ Deadly Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

Anthony Gaenzle From AnthonyGaenzle.Com

mistakes in blogging

Successful bloggers don’t get there by luck. They are passionate about what they do, and they have a strategic focus that involves some serious planning. One thing I see all the time is bloggers failing to understand the needs of their readers before getting started.

While you need to write about a subject you understand, it’s critical to also understand who your readers are, what level of understanding they have about the subject matter, and most importantly, what problems they face that your advice could solve.

Do some research and develop target audience personas for your target readers to ensure the content you create resonates with your readers and adds value for them in some way. This is what will keep them coming back for more. 

Another problem area I see is bloggers going into blogging with the sole focus being on making money.

They’ll select a topic they aren’t passionate about or aren’t knowledgeable about just because they feel it’s a lucrative operation, but the success rarely follows, because they either produce poor quality content no one wants or respects, or they lose interest and bail because they aren’t passionate about the subject they chose for their blog.

As a blogger, you need to be passionate about your subject matter, and you need to truly know what you are talking about. If you start blogging without those two things in place, you are destined to fail. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable, the success will follow. 

Amol Chavan From GrowthFunda.Com

mistakes in blogging

Thanks for inviting and giving me a chance to share few words in this amazing roundup. Here are my few word on, “Important Mistakes in Blogging and How to Overcome\Correct them”

There are so many mistakes every blogger do throughout the Blogging Journey and learn from those mistakes.  According to me, here are some common mistakes and how to correct them:

1.  Start blog without finding niche and writing on multiple topics

The best practice to correct this mistake is to find profitable niche and stop writing on multiple topics at the same time. You can find niche based on Demand, Area of Interest and Competition.

At the Beginning, one can find niche using below methods:

  1. Simply Goggling the query like, “Top blogging niche in 2021” 
  2. Searching the top blog and analyze on what niche\topics they are running blog.
  3. Join Blogging group on Facebook, ask the queries, and network with the people inside that community.
  4. By understanding area of interest & expertise. 
  5. After finalization of niche, first step is to setup a blog & start writing first blog post and launch blog.

2.  Attracting towards Shiny Object Syndrome

At least once in a Blogging journey, every blogger face the “Shinning Object Syndrome”.  Here is how to deal with this:

  1. One should revisit the High Level Goal, refresh the mind and keep working on one Goal.
  2. Limit the Social Media Usage & focus on the stuff that is important to growth, as I have seen that Social Media is major source of Shinning Object Syndrome in many cases. Social Media is not wrong but using it cognizantly is important.
  3. Reading Books in spare time can help to improve focus. I recommend one should read book; The One Thing

3.  Not giving importance to Promotion

Many newbies are thinking that writing more and more blog post will bring huge traffic to Blog. Therefore, they just spend time on writing blog post. 

However, this is a partial truth that, more blog post you write more traffic you get. One should follow the rule of 80:20, i.e. spend 80% on promotion and 20% on blog post writing.

More you promote, more you get traffic.

4.  Mistake of depending only on Google Traffic Source

Who said traffic sources like Bing, Email list, Social Media, YouTube, Paid Traffic are bad. 

Nowadays, Google is changing algorithm very frequently so it is risky to depend only on Google Search traffic. Newbie should diversify traffic source across Social Media, Email list, YouTube, and Paid Ads.

This will help in long run and build loyal follower base. i.e. More influence, More traffic & More Sell.

5.  Hoping for money without providing value

Hoping for money without providing value does not help at the end. 

Many of newbie Bloggers writing Product Review post and spamming the link everywhere.  This ruins, the trust and authority. Here how to correct this;

  1. One should actively participate in networking with other bloggers than spamming.
  2. Provide value across different blogging niche group.
  3. Provide value & promote the product generously than pushing hard for the sale.
  4. Diversify and balance the content across educational (How To) and Product review post.
  5. Generously help other newbie Bloggers who are looking for help. This good Karma will reward with good return.

6.  Not investing on Learning

When you stop learning, you stop growing.  Blogging is long-term game, so one should not stop learning and invest time & money on good quality learning resources to win the Blogging game.

Excellent learning resources to invest time & money are:

I hope you people learn from my words on, “Important mistake in Blogging and How to correct them”.  If you guys have any question then do reach out me here at Side Hustle Blog Growthfunda  and join my facebook group  Growthfunda: Side Hustles, Online Business & Become Own Boss    


Venkat Randa From BloggingRay.Com

mistakes in blogging

Nowadays most people are starting their blog in the blogging or digital marketing field even though they are beginners. They have to think twice about this and start to take the action.

Blogging works if you have some knowledge or interest in that topic. That’s why most pro bloggers suggest you go with a particular niche in which you have knowledge and learning interest.

You have to treat blogging as a real business and you have to make some investments. There is no business without investment. you have to keep in mind this. this investment may be a domain, hosting, your learning whatever may be.

You have to start to use the resources that you have. In beginning, it is very difficult to purchase premium tools. so don’t worry. just use the resources that you have and produce the valuable stuff with you have resources.

Start to use social media from day one. Start to connect with other bloggers.

Start to build the email list from day one. Use the tools like Mailchimp or COnvertkit which are offering free plans.

If you afford it, don’t step back to put the investment but take the help of pro bloggers.

If possible, Keep one mentor for you. It will save a lot of time and money for you.

All the best and keep rocks in blogging.

Thank you Pravakar for this chance to share my thoughts with your audience.

Amit Garg From BloggingBeats.Com

Sticking to a free blogging platform like Blogger could be a serious blogging mistake as you never know, you will lose ownership of your blog. 

So, I highly recommend everyone to opt for a self-hosted platform, preferably

Furthermore, it is also important not to go for local hosting providers, invest in some reliable web hosting always.

Copying others’ content is another most common mistake that most newbies make. Though there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from your competitors, to avoid plagiarism, start practicing writing in your own style.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the backbone of blogging and neglecting SEO will result in wastage of your time and money. So, one should focus on SEO from day one for positive results.

Consistency is the key to a successful blogging journey and not being consistent is yet another critical mistake that most beginners make. 

So to cherish a successful blogging journey, make a proper content creation plan, and keep going according to that. If you’re not able to come up with new posts, keep updating the old ones, be active on social media, and so on.     

Ignoring blog design, not building an email list, not doing relevant interlinking, building backlinks like a ninja from day one, and not investing money back in the blogging business are also a few other mistakes that every blogger should take care of. 

Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk From

mistakes in blogging

Hi Pravakar, thank you for inviting me to your roundup.

Here are my thoughts about some blogging mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes, and it can be constructive because we often learn more from mistakes than from successes. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that that blog beginners should avoid. Also, one can and should learn from others and ask for support.

Do not start blogging because you want to make money only. It will not happen without learning and working.

It is legitimate for you to try to make money from your blog. But it would help if you were passionate about your niche and have patients.

When you start a blog, connect to others, and first create trust and build a larger number of visitors. Comment on other blogs in your niche, but take it seriously and do not spam.

When you have enough visitors, you can start selling on your blog using affiliate marketing.

Don’t try to imitate or compare yourself to other bloggers. Blogging has a lot to do with the personal style and vibes of the author. You can learn a lot from others, but try to combine what you learned with your own experiences, ideas and create unique content.

Instead of the number of your blog posts, care more for quality.

There will be more to learn on the way, but with passion and the right attitude, Newbies can succeed.

Mohit Bhargav From AccurateBlogger.Com

First of all, thank you, Pravakar, for inviting me here to this fantastic roundup post. 

Blogging is literally one of the popular ways to earn passive income. You can imagine the popularity of blogging from the fact that there are now over 600 million blogs on the Internet. But this is only one side, and the other side is quite shocking.

You’d be surprised to know that around 90% of people quit blogging within a few months of starting. Did you know why? The reason is simple because they never experience blogging and treat it like just a money-making machine.

Here is the list of major critical mistakes, which most new bloggers make (I even made some of them).

1. Choose a cheap web hosting provider – For some reason, some newbie bloggers are reluctant to invest money in good hosting because they think it doesn’t matter which hosting we choose. And for this reason, they go for any cheap hosting to save money.

In today’s scenario, the speed and security of the website are critical factors. If you choose cheap hosting for your blog, you will definitely save money, but you can’t expect decent speed and advanced security features, and it will hurt you in the future.

So always try to choose a reliable hosting that offers good speed and security features.

2. Don’t even know how to pick niche – I’ve observed many times that some bloggers don’t care which niche they should choose. They choose whatever, which seems the most profitable.

This perception is completely wrong, you cannot sustain with any niche which is not your expertise. That’s one of the reason most of the blogger don’t even make single penny from blogging or quit from.

So always choose that niche, for which you have the knowledge or you are passionate about. Now you need to understand what the user’s intention is, such as who your potential audience is and what they are actually looking for on the internet. Here is a simple formula you can follow to find a profitable niche for your blog.

Profitable Niche = Your Passion + User Intent + Profitability

3. SEO matters a lot – SEO (search engine optimization) is that, which helps you make your blog in such a way that you get your blog or website to be ranked on the first page of Google search engine.

But most newbie bloggers don’t even know about SEO. They just start writing and publishing content on their blog. And after some time they get frustrated when they don’t get any visitors to their website.

So, if you are planning to start your blogging career, you must first understand all the blogging and SEO basics concepts.

Along with these 3 critical mistakes, you need to understand a few other things as well.

  • Don’t just waste your time on designing your blog/website. Just create a simple blog and start writing SEO-optimized content and focus on promoting content as well.
  • Always be consistent with your content writing and all other SEO activities.
  • Start focusing on social media platforms. Stay connected with people who are in the same niche. This will help you in self-promotion.
  • Always try to understand your target audience’s intent, what their problem is, and then try to solve their issues.

Final Words

So guys, I want to thank all of the above bloggers for giving their valuable time to read this roundup post. And I hope, you have learned many new mistakes that may you are making now & going to avoid.

All of the mistakes mentioned by professional bloggers above are some of the BIG MISTAKES in blogging. If you are making those mistkaes then start avoiding them from now.

If you will continue the mistakes then you cannot achieve success in Blogging.

Thanks & Regards,

Pravakar Singh

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  1. Awesome, Pravaka
    It is always interesting for newbies and even expert bloggers to read about the experience of others. It may help to get aware of mistakes and give new ideas.
    You did a good job with your roundup.
    To the success of all here.

  2. Hey dude, I loved the way you took the time to have awesome bloggers from the community to unite them on your platform.

    I learn a lot from this thread, keep pushing more in the future. I’d love to read them all.

    Ps: Thank you so much for giving me a spot in this post.

  3. Hi Pravakar,

    What a great round up of bloggers! There are so many mistakes one can make especially at the beginning of blogging. Like Ryan mentioned in his comment – don’t be boxed in by some blogging rules – I believe that if you are giving it your best and writing for others you can’t go wrong.
    Blogging is a business and needs to be treated as such. It is your own property, not shared like social media platforms. One needs to funnel people to your blog and have it set up to monetize from the beginning (something I didn’t do when I started). For a newbie, mistakes will happen as long as you learn from them and learn from it, things will be OK

  4. Hey Buddy,

    You are doing really great work. It’s really helpful for everyone most of the common mistakes covered in one article by really great bloggers.

    Thanks for giving me a spot in this amazing round-up article. Keep doing great work.

  5. Hi Prabhakar,

    It’s always great to listen to the fellow bloggers and learn from it. Every individual can make us learn a lot and that would help us polish our skills and do wonders.

    You brought some great brains under one shed who shared, all the blunders any newcomer can make. Gonna be useful for all and make a better blogger. I belive it’s all about continuously improving the skillset as a blogger to be a better one.

  6. Hey Pravakar singh,

    Yes, anybody can makes mistake. Mistake is a way to success,if we doesn’t make mistake then we never realize that which is right to use.

    Your post is very interesting for newbies and they can learn new things after reading the experience of expert bloggers.All the experts advised nice idea about blog.

    Blogging is a business and needs to be treated as such and spent money, time to make money from blog.I also learn new idea after reading the experience of all experts.

    thank you,

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    I was looking for this article as I wanted to know more about this topic from the experts. By the way, Your article are awesome and You have provided SUPER in-depth content. Thank you so much! Keep Growing.


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