Forget Spam Comment Review 2021: Why I love this Plugin?

If you are a blogger then I am sure you know about spam comments & how it affects a site negatively. Right?

If you have a site then you should keep your blog spam free. But, how?

Forget Spam comment is the ultimate solution to prevent automated bot spam. After using this plugin, I am sure you will stop getting spam comments.

1000+ websites are using this plugin and plugin has 5/5 rating from many users.

It’s very easy to use.

  • Search Forget Spam Comment
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • And, clear once the page cache.
  • You can delete other plugin such as Akismet as it’s not required now.

Reviews of Forget Spam Comment

Not only me, Many of my friends and other pro bloggers also use this plugin. This plugin enjoy 5/5 rating from all happy users. ?

Key features

  1. It’s 100% Free for everyone:- You can use the plugin without paying a single amount. Most of the Anti-Spam plugin such as Akismet, CleanTalks are paid for the commercial use. But this plugin is 100% free.
  2. Lightweight:- Most of the Anti-Spam plugins out there are too bloated that makes site SLOW. But, Forget Spam comment plugins is just ~200 bytes at frontend ? making it 3x faster than Akismet. Also, in the backend it just 100 lines of code making it one the fastest Anti-Spam plugin ever. There is no database or 3rd-party API call. It just works smoothly.
  3. GDPR compliant: – If you have traffic from European country, you are required to comply with GDPR regulation. Fortunately, this plugin doesn’t ask or collect any personal information. Hence, it is a privacy-respecting free software for the WordPress community.
  4. Best for User-Experience:- No captcha. No settings. It works silently behind the scene. Fun fact, there is no need of false-positive comment moderation like Akismet, since this plugin stop spam in the first place before it reaches database.
  5. Awesome support: – The plugin has been 100% stable since version 1.0.0 and regularly have been improved over the time. Also, developer of this plugin offer quick support for the user queries.

How it works

About developer of Forget Spam Comment

Forget spam comment

Gulshan Kumar is developer of ‘Forget Spam Comment‘ and also for his another new plugin known as ‘Edge Caching and Firewall with BunnyCDN‘.

You can read his helpful tutorials published at GulshanBlog.

Apart from that, he also offers technical support to WordPress users at GulshanForum.

Connect him at Facebook and Twitter.


1. Is this Plugin free?

Yes, this Plugin is 100% free to use for everyone.

2. Is it easy to use?

Just install and activate. Clear once your Page Cache. That’s it. No settings.

3. If I am new to blogging, do I still need this plugin?

Yes, you should use this plugin to never get Spam comments again!

4. Do we have to do setting after installation?

No, You don’t need to do any setting after installing this Plugin.

Final Words

This is a must-have plugin which will allow you to focus on content writing instead of dealing with spam comment.

I think, there is no any free plugin as simple and effective as Forget Spam Comment.

I hope you guys have loved the review, If yes, do share this with your friends & don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box.


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