Generate Press Review: Is It The Best Theme For A WordPress Blog?

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One of the most factors that boost or decrease your blog’s speed is THEME. Yes, if you are using an advanced theme in your blog then it’s sure that it is a heavy theme and it will definitely make your blog slow. Right?

So, there are many good lightweight themes available in the market for use. But Wait! How can we select the best theme from them?

So If You are trying to find and use a good and lightweight theme on your blog then look the following in that theme.

  1. Is it Light Weight?
  2. Is it Responsive?
  3. Is it a fast loading theme?
  4. Has it a good layout design?
  5. Is it SEO Optimized?

So, if you find any theme with the above facilities then it will surely an awesome theme. I have found a theme that has all of the above features. So, What’s the name of that theme?

So, That theme is Generate Press.

Yes, It is a lightweight theme with Mobile responsive, Fast loading, and good layout designs.

I am also using this theme on my blog. Not only me, but Many Pro bloggers of the Blogging Industry also use and recommend this theme to use.

Today, I will review this theme and will guide you on:

  1. Should you buy this theme or not?
  2. Is it really worth it?
  3. About Its Pricing.
  4. Features and the list go on.

Are you excited?

Let’s dive in!

Generate Press Theme Review: Is It The Best Theme For A WordPress Blog?

Whenever it comes to select the best theme for a WordPress blog then the first theme that pop-outs in my mind is Generate Press. Yes, It is the best WordPress theme that I have ever used and seen. I am not saying that only this theme is good, other themes are also perfect.

But, Generate Press is my favorite because of its performance and awesome features.

Currently, It is activated in over 300,000+ Sites which is really awesome. And it also has over 70,000+ Happy customers. Now, You can guess about its great services, features, performance, and security.

If you want to look at this theme’s demo then here is the list of some blogs using the Generate Press theme.

  1. GeniusBlogging.Com
  2. BloggingQnA.Com
  3. BloggingLift.Com
  4. SimpleFactsOnline.Com

So, all f the above blog’s owner has installed and using GeneratePress theme. Now, let’s discuss its features, Pricing, and other things.

Features of Generate Press theme

All things have features. A product without features is like a Box without goods. Right? So, In Generate Press Free & Premium, In both versions you will get many awesome features. So What are those features? First of all, I am going to tell you Features about its Free Version and then Pro Version.

Generate Press Free Version Features

Are you thinking, what features you will get in the free version of generate press theme? So, don’t worry my friends, You will get some awesome features in the free version too. So, following are the features that you will get in the Free version of Generate Press.

1. Light Weight

So guys, Generate press is an awesome lightweight theme that is less than 10 kb. Can you believe it? I am sure nobody will believe it. So, my friend, have a look at the below image. And also look at the highlighted text.

Now, you believed? So, this is one of the best feature that you will get in both FREE & PAID version of this theme. And one more thing that if the size of this theme is less then you can guess how it speed will. Nice Guessed ! the speed of this theme is also wonderful.

2. Responsive Design

Yes, generate press is a fully responsive theme. It means, it will give you a good user experience. When you will use this theme then your blog’s look & layout will be shown perfectly on all devices like Smartphones, laptops, Tab, etc. It is really an awesome feature which you will get in generate press’s both free & pro version.

3. Custom CSS

If you want to add any type of custom CSS in your blog to make any changes you want then generate press free version that allows you to do that. If you don’t have any knowledge on CSS then it won’t keep value for you but if you have little knowledge of CSS then it’s really awesome for you. It is one of the best features that Generate press provides in all of its versions ( Free & Paid ).

& the list goes on.

Generate Press Pro Version Features

So Guys, After knowing the features of Generate Press’s Free Version, Let’s talk about features of its Pro ( Paid ) Version. There are many features in the Pro Version of this theme. We will talk about all of them. So, Let’s begin to the topic.

1. Site Library

So Friends, If you don’t know to customize this theme after installing the pro version then You can access its site library to view and install its ready made templates designs. Even, I have tried some ready made templates from the site library and all things was just amazing.

This is one of the best features that you will get in a few themes among all WordPress themes. And You will not be charged any cost for using its ready made templates. You can following the following steps to access and use Site Library Features:-

Step 1:- Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
Step 2:- Move your mouse and point it on Appearance and Select Generate Press.

Step 3:- Click on Site Library.

Step 4:- Now You will see a lots of ready-made Template Designs & Yes, You can use them at 0 Cost.

2. Colors

So, In the pro version, you will also get control of Colors. Think, If you won’t get control to your blog’s color options. It won’t be good? Right? So, You can take advantage of this feature which you will get in the pro version of this theme. While Customizing the theme, You can control colors. So, It’s awesome. RIght?

3. Typography

You will get full control over selecting and using your favorite font styles like Gerogia, Times New Roman and many other. You can Choose your font families (system fonts or Google Fonts), sizes and weights all within the Customizer. Its awesome. Isn’t it?

4. Elements

You can Add your favorite advanced elements on this theme to Create beautiful dynamic pages. You can take advantage of generate press’s advanced hook system, or apply custom theme layouts all using our easy to use display. It is just amazing feature of this awesome theme.

5. WooCommerce

Many of you may have a woocommerce store website. So, in this case you can adjust the woocommerce colors, typography & layouts. Means, You have full control on colors, typography & layouts over your WooCommerce Store.

6. Menu Plus

Now, You will also get feature of menu bars like sticky menu bar. You can also move your heading to upper and menu to down of the heading. And you can also add both heading and menu in the same line or block. It’s one of the best feature that you will get in the Paid version of this theme.

7. Spacing

Not all bloggers, think the same. Right? Now, May you like big space in themes but as I said, Not all bloggers think the same. so, maybe some people don’t like big spaces while some likes it. So, You can fully control on Spacing features like Size, Padding, Margin, etc.

8. Blog

This feature will give you the full control over your blog archives and single posts. you can choose what elements to show or hide on your blog. You can set that where the featured image, it’s size, location or alignment, will show in your site.

9. Backgrounds

By using this feature of the pro version of Generate Press theme, you will get control over backgrounds. Means, you can add backgrounds as you want to make it. You can add gradient, solid colors and images in backgrounds.

& the list of the features of Generate Press Pro are so on.

Pros And Cons Of Generate Press Theme

  • Fast Loading
  • Light Weight Theme
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Good-Looking Layout Designs
  • Used by a Large Number of Bloggers
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Good Customer Support Services
  • Not much control in the free version
  • Has Demo Styles, But Not of Full sites
  • You cannot add many 3rd Party Integrations
  • Most of the newbie can’t afford the Premium Version at Starting

Pros Of GeneratePress Theme

So, guys, there are many pros of using the GeneratePress theme. As you can see in the above box that there are many Pros than Cons. But, I will discuss both Pros and Cons. First, Let’s discuss its Pros.

Fast Loading:-  No doubt that every blogger needs a theme that is fast loading. Right? So, GeneratePress is also one of the fast loading themes in the market.

It’s really an amazing theme to use for decreasing the speed of load time of the contents of your blog. If your site is slow then you can try this theme.

And if you have seen any blog is slow while he is using generate press theme then it is not fixed that the blog is slow due to the theme, it also can be due to other factors.

Light Weight Theme:- GeneratePress theme is a lightweight theme that means, it will definitely make your blog faster, even less or more. May you have seen that some blogs use to advance and heavy themes and their site speed is too low.

It is because of the heavy theme. So, Whenever you think to install a theme. Then always install a lightweight theme to make your blog’s speed good.

SEO Friendly:- Nowadays, every blogger search for an SEO friendly theme for using. It’s because SEO Friendly Themes helps their blog to rank on search engines. however, it won’t show the result immediately but it will show the result of using SEO friendly theme definitely.

So, For better ranking, we should use SEO Friendly theme in our blog. GeneratePress is an SEO Friendly theme. it means it will also help you to rank your blog.

Mobile Responsive:- No doubt that for a better user experience, we have to use a mobile responsive theme in our blog. Right? Absolutely, We should use a mobile responsive theme. If we use it, then, our readers won’t have problems in reading or scrolling posts to read.

GeneratePress is a fully mobile responsive theme. Many bloggers use this theme for these features also. Now, if you are using a good theme but it is not responsive then your user experience will be bad and you also won’t get Adsense approval in it.

Good Looking Layout Designs:- Whenever we search for a theme to use then the most thing we look at about that theme is “Is its layout design looking good?”.

Right? So, Don’t think much about that you will or won’t get good layout designs in the GeneratePress theme. Absolutely, You will get good designs in this theme.

Easy To Customize:- If you have not any technical knowledge on customizing themes or you have not customized any WordPress theme before, You can easily Customize the GeneratePress theme.

Trust me, It’s too much easy to customize the GeneratePress theme. You can easily customize this theme within a few minutes. Or if you will face any problem in customizing then you can search on YouTube but I am sure you can easily customize it.

Good Customer Support Services:- If you will face any technical issue with the GeneratePress premium theme then you can contact their support team. They will definitely help you.

You can contact them via the support forum of their website, social media, or through their Gmail id. And If you won’t be satisfied with its services after buying the theme then you can Refund it within 30 Days.

Cons of GeneratePress Theme

However, Companies don’t reveal the negative features of their products. But, Every single product has one or more Cons. I am not saying that you won’t find problems in this theme. I say YES, you will see some disadvantages of using this theme. What are those disadvantages? So they are:

Has not much control in the Free Version:- We all know that free things are not provided with full of features. So, you cannot control all features of the GeneratePress theme in the Free version. There are some limit controls which you can control as you want. You can only control some basic features of this theme in the free version. Features like editing Copyright bar.

Most of the newbies can’t afford the Premium Version at Starting:- Yes, Whenever we buy anything online then we buy the product if it’s under our budget. GeneratePress costs you $59 per year if you will buy the yearly plan and $59 is not a small amount.

So, because of this price, many newbie bloggers cannot afford this. But, at starting, you can use its Free Version. But you can afford it then you should go with its premium plan to get more awesome features.

Generate Press Free Version VS Paid Version? Which one is best and Which one should you use?

So, here is a query about generate press theme that many bloggers have confused about which one should they go for? So, If you ask me which one is best and Why? then I simply tell you that if you are a beginner then Go with its free version if you cannot afford it.

But, after using the Free version, if you want to get its premium awesome features and if you are a begginer and can afford it then go with its Pro version which is absolutely amazing.

At last of this query I want to say that If you are loving the Free version of Generate Press then you will definitely love the Premium version too.

A small request, If you cannot afford it now, have a patience and work hard on your blog. One day, you can definitely afford it and can use it also.

Pricing: How much does it costs if I want to buy Generate Press theme?

Now, Let’s talk about the pricing of one of the best theme for a WordPress blog, Generate Press.

Basically, There are 2 Plans of Generate Press theme. One is of $59/Year & another is of $249 for lifetime. Let’s discuss more about it in detail.

$59/Year Plan

So friends, in this plan you will get many benefits like all premium modules & features. In this plan, you will get Full access to the Site library & you will also get 1 year of updates ( you can update the theme till you will keep renewing it early ).

After this, You will also get 1 Year of premium support. And the best thing about this plan is that you can use the license key after you purchase this plan up to 500 websites. It’s just awesome.

This plan also give 30-days money back guarantee. Means, if you won’t be satisfied with the theme then Generate Press is ready to give your money back!

$249 Life-time Plan

This plan to generate press theme gives you this theme for a lifetime. You don’t have to renew your lisence yearly like $59/year plan. It’s for lifetime. Buy once a life, get access all of the features for lifetime without renewing it.

In this plan, you will get Life-time update with life-time premium support. You can also use this plan’s lisence up to on 500 websites which is really good thing.

As like $59/Year plan, this plan also gives you 30-days money back guarantee.

FAQ On Generate Press theme

Q.1. Is Generate Press available in Free version?

Yes, its free version is also available in the market. You can easily install the free version of generating press theme from your WordPress dashboard.

Q.2. Can I get my money back if I am not happy with the Pro version?

Yes, Absolutely, You can get your money back within 30 days according to their refund policies.

Q.3. How many sites can I use GP Premium on?

In the all plan of Generate Press, It give you license that works on up to 500 websites. Means, you can use it upon your or your client’s websites.

Q.4. Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key?

Absolutely, No! Generate Press won’t make any changes or Harm your blog if you won’t renew it.

Q.5. Is it easy to contact their Support team for any kind of question or Help?

Yes, It’s so easy to contact their team for any kind of help or support. You can easily contact them via Contact page or through Support Forum link.


At last, If you want to install a theme with super cool features, then the GP theme is best for you. Because it’s lightweight, fast loading, and a theme with many useful features. Not only me but it is used by over 70,000+ Bloggers all over the world.

Thanks For Reading This Article,

Happy Blogging!

8 thoughts on “Generate Press Review: Is It The Best Theme For A WordPress Blog?”

  1. Hi Pravakar!
    This is a very well mannered and a very detailed review on GeneratePress…
    I agree. With you that GeneratePress is a very light weight, SEO & Mobile friendly and a secured theme. When I started I start with a free and nulled theme but it decreases my blog speed and my site was attacked by malware. But now I am using GeneratePress Pro on my blog and I am happy with it. This guide will really help newbie as well as pro…
    Good Luck Keep Creating Good Content!!
    Suryakant Sahoo

  2. Hi Pravakar

    Undoubtedly, GeneratePress is one of the best themes for WordPress sites.

    I’m using this theme on my blog from the beginning and completely satisfied.

    Thanks for sharing a detailed review on GeneratePress.
    Amit Garg

  3. Hi, Pravakar.
    Thanks for sharing a well-furnished review of the theme. I’ve been using GeneratePress on my blog and it’s the best theme that I’ve used so far.
    A blogger who is looking for a light-weight SEO optimized theme must go for it.

    -Nitin Dabas

    • Hi Nitin Sir,

      I’ve also been using the Generate Press theme for a long time. And, It’s really an awesome and fast theme for a WordPress blog.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

      Pravakar Singh


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