7+ Pro Bloggers Answers On How To Get Traffic To A New Blog [ Expert Roundup ]


I know It’s hard to drive traffic as we compare it to start a blog.


Even you have started your blog for earning or for creating identity in the online world. But, if you don’t get traffic, then your hard work won’t help you to achieve success.

So, for earning from a blog or creating an identity in the online world, you have to bring traffic to your blog. I know It’s hard but It’s possible.

Now You May Ask, How Can We Get Traffic To Our Blog?

Good Question! So, there are many ways of bringing Traffic To A New Blog.

So, for giving answers to this question, Today, I have Invited Some professional bloggers. They will tell you  the best ways to drive traffic to a new blog.

So, Are you ready to know, how to get traffic to a new blog?

Are you excited?

Let’s Dive In!

Ryan Biddulph From BloggingFromParadise.Com

Thanks, Pravakar 🙂

Develop your skills by creating and connecting generously to drive organic traffic to your blog. Organic traffic flows to you without you manipulating, coercing, or forcing people to visit your blog. Literally; people visit your blog without your interference. But driving organic traffic demands you develop your creating and connecting skills sufficiently.

Create helpful content solving reader needs. Build connections by helping fellow bloggers and asking for nothing in return. Promote bloggers on social media and through your blog. Comment genuinely on blogs. As you create and connect persistently to hone each skill, the quality of your content, and the size of your blogger friend network will drive quality, organic traffic to your blog.

Akash Singh From LitBlogging.Com 

First of all, thank you Pravakar for having me here.

Driving traffic on a new blog is not that difficult now there are a lot of ways that you can use to bring traffic on a new blog. Things like answering the questions on Quora and other forums, Sharing your blog content on social media, and List building.

You can use all the methods that I mentioned above but my favorite is list building.

Building an email list gives me the freedom to drive traffic on my blogs at any time. So start capturing emails of your visitors from day one.

Now, many people will say why can anyone give you their email?

Here are two things that you can do.

First is to provide high-quality content on your blog and attract your readers through your content but this may be a little bit difficult for a newbie.

So What’s the second thing?

Second thing, offer some freebies to your visitors {It completely depends on your niche, what you will offer to your blog reader for free}. 

These are some of my favorite ways to drive traffic on a new blog. I hope it will help you in your blogging journey.

Nikola Roza From NikolaRoza.Com

The best way to bring traffic to a brand new blog with zero link authority is to target very low competition keywords.

I’m talking about those keywords that are so long tail and get so little traffic that other sites see them in their keyword tools, but don’t bother going after them because they have too low of a search volume.

That is a chance for a new blog to stand out quickly, and it’s because of these 3 reasons;

#1- They’d be competing against no one. And Google wants to rank the most relevant result.

#2- Those keywords do get some traffic and that’s why they show up in keyword research tools.

#3- Extremely long-tail keywords bring in extremely targeted traffic with big specific problems and high buyer intent.

So a new blog can start earning money from those “forgotten” keywords very quickly.

And then you take it from there.

Sayem Ibn Kashem From FacileWay.Com

Hey, Pravakar thanks for inviting me to this round-up post about how to bring traffic to a new blog. 

I know, when I had started my blogging journey I had made so many mistakes and I have learned from it. 

There are tons of ways to drive traffic to a new blog. Here in this content, I will try to cover a very few and effective hacks. 

If I am going to have a fresh start with a new blog,  I will do the following action to drive traffic to my new blog-

Blog commenting

“Blog commenting” will be the first attempt I will take. I know you are wondering how blog comments can drive traffic to a new blog.

Blog comments like “nice post! Thanks for sharing” won’t add any value to the post you are commenting. 

If you comment on something that adds value to the audience and on the blog, you have commented on, I am sure you are gonna get some traffic from that blog. 

For example:

“Hey, Pravakar,

I was looking for some perfect ways to drive traffic to a new blog post. I have found many articles about this topic. But that didn’t seem effective to me. You have arranged some blogging experts who have a good fame in the market and driving good traffic to their blog. They have of course they have shared their ways of driving traffic here. 

I have noticed, they have missed the use of Pinterest. Pinterest is known to me just as a social media platform. But when I came to know that Pinterest is compared to the search engines, I started using Pinterest seriously. Trust me I am driving good traffic from Pinterest. In this post, you have missed this point. 

You can add and describe to your audience. I hope it will be helpful. 


Sayem Ibn Kashem”

Don’t just share a comment. Try to appreciate, add value. 

Always try to be the first commenter. You will get noticed and will be able to build a good relationship with the author. 

Be active on Twitter

Twitter can be a great source of traffic. This is the place where you can connect with your like-minded blogger. Just a single tweet and retweet can make a big difference. Don’t hesitate to share others’ content on your profile. Trust me you are also gonna get tons of shares. 


Interviews can also be a good option. Try to convince the pro in the same industry. Ask for an interview. 

I am seeing that you have interviewed so many pro bloggers. Have you seen any difference? I am sure you are getting some good traffic from your interview series. 

Round-up Post

This is the easiest way to drive insane traffic to a new blog. Pick a topic and ask to contribute to the other blogger’s thoughts on that particular topic. Tell them to share the roundUp post on their blog and social media. As they already have good fame on the market, their contribution and shares will have a great impact on your traffic increase. 

The above are a few popular and effective ways to drive traffic to new blogs. If I am on day one, I would definitely follow the above ways. 

Janice Wald From MostlyBlogging.Com

You need to promote Facebook Groups. When my blog was new, I promoted to Facebook groups, and my blog exploded. Here is why: Facebook groups are free to use for promotion.

You won’t be called “a spammer” like on other sites. Also, there are Facebook groups for seemingly any niche. There are even groups for location, age, and other demographics. You can market in Facebook groups. You can sell products and services with a new blog.

Some groups allow weekly promotion, and some groups allow daily promotion. Most importantly, some Facebook groups have tens of thousands of members. Talk about free promotion! This resource contains two lists: a list of Facebook groups you can use for daily promotion and a list of Facebook groups you can use for weekly promotion: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/facebook-groups/

Archana Tiwari From BloggingTry.Com

Gaining traffic on a new blog is always a challenging task for every new blogger. It is not as easy as it sounds. You have to work hard with dedication. Most of the bloggers are just starting their blogs by seeing other income and popularity.

They are not aware of pro bloggers’ hard work, which is putten behind them to succeed. Probably they have also gone through this problem. Here is the main factor why it is challenging to drive traffic on New Blog:-

  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Less Writing Skill
  • Not doing Research
  • And many more

So, I would like to suggest that when you plan to start a blog or have already started, you must gain knowledge about all the aspects of Blogging. After that, improve your writing skill; then, it should be valuable for your audience whenever you write an article.

And it is only possible when you do proper keywords and topic research. You can use many free and paid tools to get rid of this problem. If you are not doing the Research, that means you are writing that article in which you are interested.

So people are not passionate about reading your interest; they give more value to that blog, which solves their problem or has content they wanted to read.

Quick Tips to Increase Traffic:-

Although there is no shortcut and quick tricks to drive traffic on a new blog, you can do the following activity to see the better results at some extend:-

Improve Skill – You have to improve your skill in any case like writing, Research, SEO, etc. These skills are beneficial in creating a strong base for any blog.

Write what people want to Read – Blogging doesn’t mean you started writing anything which you want to read. Your blog post idea comes through your audience; then, it will be useful.

Keywords and Topic Research –  Before you start writing an article, you must do the proper keywords and topic research to get better SERPs results. Because without these steps, you never rank in google and the results, you will get zero traffic.

Unique and Informative Content – If you are successful in doing keywords and topic research, you will write informative content. Don’t ever try to copy from somewhere. Cover all the things which are required to include. I will increase the user engagement and they will return also.

Despite this, there are many things you can do to get better results in driving traffic on a new Blog-

  • Improve Blog Performance
  • Customize your Blog
  • Promote Your Blog
  • Guest Posting and Blog Commenting
  • Sending of Email to Subscriber
  • And Many More-

I hope this helps you

Happy Blogging

Joy Dhar From Overfleek.Com

At first, I want to thanks Pravakar for this great opportunity to share my words with all pro bloggers.

As we all know that getting traffic for a new blog is a little bit complex as newbies don’t know the exact flow of traffic and how to bring or they are totally dependent on search engines. 

Here are my personal strategies that I use to bring traffic to my new blog.

Once you have published the blog follow these steps, I am sure that you will observe the changes.

Interlinking with Pro tricks

Are you linking your old content with new content??? If not, then this might be the reason why you are not getting traffic.

All the pro bloggers interlink their posts to grab their traffic.

 Link your all related post to each other wisely. Let the traffic flow from one page to another page.

Use the power of social media

Share your article link on every social media you can. Social media not only helps to promote your content it also helps the post to gain powerful social signals. Social signal is one of the Ranking factors. So don’t neglect the power of social media platforms.

Use the power of parasites

 Share your post summary on the parasites like Medium. There are lots of parasites available just browse google and find out and use them wisely.

Question answers platform

 There are lots of questions answers platforms like Quora. Answer the related questions regarding your post topic and include your current post link there.

Amol Chavan From GrowthFunda.Com

There are so many ways to bring traffic to new blogs. Many of the newbies are using only social media and SEO to bring traffic. There is nothing bad about it. But one should learn pro techniques to bring traffic to new blogs. Here are some ninja ways to bring traffic to a new blog:-

1. Create super-awesome content that others would love to read. Super awesome means, a context that includes unique info, images, statics, infographics, etc. People often love to link back to excellent content. This helps in boosting SEO and brings more traffic.

2. Leverage the power of Rounds up, Interviews mentioned. It works best even if you’re a newbie. By doing roundups, interview posts you are getting other audiences on your blog, which means more traffic.

3. Don’t run behind the link building, rather give importance to the Topical authority and low hanging fruits. (i.e. Low Volume Keywords, This definitely works best for the new blog and gives good signals to Google. Eventually, you will get more traffic)

4. Increase the domain authority of new blogs by getting links from high domain authority and relevant sites. Link from a high authority site is better than getting a link from low Domain authority sites. One should use the HARO link building technique for getting links from High authority sites.

5. Be active on the targeted Forums, QnA site, and Groups like IndieHackers, GrowthHackers, Quora, Facebook groups. This helps to bring your blog in front of many new thousands of visitors.

6. Networking with other bloggers in your niche helps to get new opportunities, interview invitations, backlinks. This helps in branding and getting more website traffic.

7. UX and UI also play an important role in bringing repeated audience traffic. So keep clean, simple UX and UI.

8. Improve the Blog Website loading speed. Google also loves sites with good website speed.

9. One should be consistent with blogging and providing value.

These are some ninja ways to build a blogging brand and increase website traffic.

Shehraj Singh From BloggingFire.Com

Thank you so much, Pravakar for inviting me here.

When I started, I also faced this same question: How to Get Traffic?

Guess What, I realized that everyone is talking about the quantity of traffic. But, No one was talking about the quality of traffic. Measuring the Quality of traffic is very crucial for building your list, tribe (community), Mainly Success.

Before talking About, How to get traffic. It is important to know, Who you are serving?

You need to define the character of your potential reader. On various different factors. Here are a few;

– Their Age…

– Their Interests

– People or sites they follow (Youtube Channel, Podcast, or another blog)

– Gender (In some niche)

– Knowing their Pain problems again, Read the above points. Let that sink in for a sec.Let’s take the example of this article.- Your age must be between 18-45

– You must be passionate about blogging (Making Money Online in General).

– Must be following some popular influencers like Harsh Agarwal, Brian Dean, or Neil Patel.

– Not Required

– You want to have more traffic to your blog.

That’s Why you are reading this blog post.

When you have a character of your potential reader. Now, you can start working on your content marketing strategy.

You know that my potential audience is following these influencers. So, You’ve to do something that these influencers will share your content with their audience Stop Reading and think for a sec…

What can do?

Got the Answer? By the way, Here is my answer. Maybe I can interview them on my blog. They will be happy to share that, They got featured on your blog. This helps them have more credibility in front of their audience. You’re also attracting potential readers.WIN-WIN For BothSome More Ways,

– You can roundups like these…

– Create something that attracts their eyes…

– Mention them in your blog…

And there are a lot more strategies to do it. That’s all from my side.

Ashfaq Ahmad From BloggeRoundup.Com

Once you create the blog, the next step you look upon is monetization which is way important. But what if you don’t have enough traffic sources?

Well, everything fades away. You probably go on google and search for the solution that ‘how to bring traffic to a new blog’, isn’t it?

The thing you need to take care of the terminologies. You’ll come across tons of actives that state that they’re serving the best possible results but they aren’t.

Instead of focusing upon the hacks and tactics, even if you implement a few essential things in the right way, it’ll be way essential for you. I’ve shortlisted a few of the major entities that’ll give you an idea about driving more traffic to your blog, so here are they:-

  • Strategize the content

Even if you go through thought he technical stuff like SEO, you’ll end up creating the best possible content for your blog. So my suggestion would be, invest a bit amount of time in writing effective and valuable content that’ll serve you maximum results.

  • Use of keywords

In the present scenario the long tail keywords are easy to rank, so use them in your H1, H2 tags accordingly to upgrade the content optimization at a higher instance. For the keyword research, you can also use the tool like SEMRush and Ahrefs that’ll help you from the scratch.

  • Post consistently

Consistency speaks about brand value. The more consistent you’ll be the more results you’ll get, so initially, you’ll have to maintain sustainability and for that consistent posting of content is necessary.

  • Backlinks

backlinks are the best source that’ll help you to drive the maximum amount of traffic, good thing is the traffic is organic so you don’t have to worry about the stuff. But create the backlinks prominently.

In this way, you can drive the legitimate traffic to a new blog in an effective manner.

Amit Garg From BloggingBeats.Com

Blogging is a Marathon NOT a Sprint.

If you believe so, and looking forward to driving long-lasting traffic to a new blog then I would say Keyword Optimization is the key.

The whole idea of optimizing your blog posts for the right keywords is to bring targeted traffic from search engines like Google.

So, next time when you start planning for your new post, do proper keyword research, come up with at least 1 target keyword for every post, and use it at some of the prominent places of your post which are;

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • URL

Added to writing 10x and properly optimized content, one can leverage Guest posting to increase blog exposure. 

Furthermore, Interview posts and Roundup posts also work like a charm to bring traffic to a new blog.

All of them (Guest posts, Interview posts, and roundup posts) not only help you to increase instant traffic to your website but also help you in brand building.

Next, you should take advantage of Blog Commenting.

It is one of the easiest ways to show your presence to fellow bloggers that may bring them and their targeted traffic to your blog.

Not only that, you can build some quality backlinks to your blog that will help you to increase your blog authority.

So, it’s like icing on the cake.

You can also attract visitors from Quora

Finally, we can not forget the power of Social Media. Start sharing your blog posts on the relevant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, etc.

Facebook groups work really well to drive quality traffic to your site. 

So, If you’re struggling to get traffic to your new blog, start following these Free Strategies and see your blog traffic skyrocket.

Ayush Mishra From BloggersDesire.Com

Getting traffic on a brand new blog is not a very difficult task. If you are struggling to bring some traffic then don’t worry here I have shared some amazing ways to instantly boost your website traffic.

1. Write More

A recent study shows that if you are consistent in publishing content then your website receives more traffic. Google gives priority to a website that posts frequently. But never compromise in the quality of content.

2. Do Keyword Research

According to some SEO experts, keywords are the heart of SEO. This is one of the easiest ways to bring traffic to your website is to ensure that every post available on your website has a good keyword strategy.

3. Add Social Sharing Buttons

At the top and bottom of your posts add social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major platforms. This makes readers easy to share.

4. Publish roundup posts

It helps to get your blog noticed by the experts in your industry. Those experts will also share this post with their networks and this helps to instantly get more traffic.

Final Words

So, Guys, I hope this round-up post will definitely help you to get traffic to a new blog. At last, I want to thanks all of the above Bloggers to give their valuable time in preparing this ROund-up post. If this post has helped you, then, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the Comment box.

Happy Blogging!

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