Hostfizia Review: Is it really Worth it?

Whenever it comes to choose the best and affordable web hosting, then the first web hosting company that popup in my mind is Hostfizia. Yes, It’s one of the best & affordable web hosting company.

It’s a new web hosting company and its providing awesome hosting. Honestly, This blog is not hosted on Hostfizia but I have an another blog that is hosted on Hostfizia. And the performance I am seeing of my site which is hosted on Hostfizia is really fantastic.

I will recommend you to go with Hostfizia if you want to have a good & affordable hosting at starting.

It’s not much expensive too. When I start using Hostfizia, I can say that, “Hostfizia is one of the best hosting for starting a brilliant blog”.

May you have guessed, Today, I will share a review and my personal experience in this article. Not only that, I am also going to do a giveaway of Hostfizia hosting ( Advanced Plan ) & one domain ( .in ).

So, Are you ready?

Let’s Dive in

HostFizia Overview

Undoubtedly, Hostfizia is one of the best web hosting for starting a perfect blog. I am using Hostfizia in my another blog and the performance I am seeing is Wonderful. It’s not too old hosting, It’s a new web hosting. And I have to say, It is providing best & affordable web hosting plans at starting.

Many of the top bloggers have also tested the speed and other performance of hostfizia and they are satisfied with the services provided by Hostfizia.

I also recommend this hosting to newbie bloggers who cannot afford Expensive hosting. Why? Because Hostfizia is Cheap, Affordable, Trustable and has brilliant performance.

Still not Believed? Okay, See some testimonial and reviews of Hostfizia on Google.

Now, Believed? Of course, you believed. Right? Okay, So, now, lets talk about its brilliant features. Ready? Lets get started.

Hostfizia Features

There are many cool features in HostFizia hosting like SSD-Only cloud, Free managed migration, LiteSpeed web server and many more. Let’s talk in detail about its features.

SSD-Only Cloud

Yes, HostFizia provides Cloud Hosting Services which are powered by SSD Cloud Hosting and the good thing is that SSD Cloud hosting gives much faster speed than HDD disks.

And It is really an awesome thing. And In fact, WordPress also runs up to 50% faster with its full SSD storage. Isn’t it awesome?

Website Starter Kit

After you will buy this hosting, You can easily build your blog for fully free with the help of its free drag & drop website builder. Because Its app installer comes with more than 300+ 100% free scripts. This means you can run and install it in a single click.

Powered by cPanel

I know, Its really cool to having cPanel in any hosting. So, Undoubtedly, cPanel makes your blog awesome and you can also do manage your site’s information and other works easily with cPanel.

In fact, Its all hosting plan comes with cPanel and its features like Setting-up addons domain, emails, FTP, databases etc.

Lite Speed Web Server

May you know that, LiteSpeed Web Server is the only web server that makes a hosting ultimate in performance and scalability. And HostFizia also use Lite Speed web server for for web hosting services. All of Its servers runs on LiteSpeed for the ultimate in performance and scalability. Means, You will also got an awesome performance in Hostfizia.

Free Managed Migrations

Now, If you already have an another blog and you are thinking to migrate it to Hostfizia then Yes, HostFizia has also a feature of Free managed migrations. This means, you can easily transfer your another blog to hostfizia without paying any extra cost.

Money Back Guarantee

So guys, If you will buy HostFizia hosting and will not satisfied with it. Then don’t worry, your money won’t be wasted. Because Hostfizia has 30-days Money Back Guarantee feature too. So, you can buy hostfizia for sure to start your blog. And if not get satisfied, you can take your money back.

Hostfizia’s Extra Excellent Features

After talking about its main features, Now, It has also many other features like speed, customer care support etc. It is not enough, It has much more premium features and services.

Excited to know about Hostfizia’s Extra excellent features? I know, You are! So, Let’s get started.

Awesome Customer Support

You may need a guidelines and help when you face any problem. Right? So, If you will face any problem in hostfizia hosting if you want to ask any query to their support team. Then you are welcome to their support team. Their support team is really awesome and fast. They will definitely help you with your query. It’s the premium support which you will get absolutely free in Hostfizia.

Affordable Price

Yes, Its very affordable web hosting company. I am sure, many of the newbies can easily afford Hostfizia hosting. So, What’s the starting price? It’s $6.99/Year. So, I know $6.99 is not a very big amount. In just $6.99, You are going to get its awesome features. So, What are you thinking? It’s price is very cheap and affordable. If you want to start a blog in 2021, Go with Hostfizia as its affordable too.

Super Speed

So, Speed is one of the most important things that every blog should maintain. Every blogger want their site’s loading speed boosts. But, Not all the hostings are fast. As you can see my another site’s report in GTmetrix which is using Hostfizia.

Now, as you can see in the above image, the performance of the site is really cool and its speed is also awesome. Now, you have known about how much speed your site will after you will host your site in Hostfizia.

Hostfizia Hosting Plans & Pricing

hostfizia review

So guys, now, the main point to discuss is how many hosting plans does Hostfizia provides and what features will be included in each plans. Right? So Now, I will discuss about its plans and the features that you will get in their each plans. Excited? Let’s get started.

So, basically, Hostfizia has 3 hosting plans that are:-

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Advance Plan
  3. Business Plan

And Yes, Each plan has its own different features. What are they? Lets know about it in the below paragraphs in detail.

Starter Plan

So, Now, If you are just getting started, This plan will be best for you. Why I am saying this? Because, this is the cheapest hosting plan of hostfizia ( only $6.99/Year ).

In this starter plan, You can host only 1 of your site. You will also get 1GB Cloud SSD Space which is really great. Right? Not only this, You will get UNLIMITED Bandwidth with this plan. Yes, Unlimited.

Now, While talking about pricing, The rate of this starter plan is only $6.99 Yearly. Yes, Its very cheap. Right? So, Yes, this is a perfect hosting plan of hostfizia for starting a perfect blog.

Advance Plan

So guys, Its really cool & little much harder to manage & run multiple sites. Right? But its not good to start many sites at starting but if you already have started one or some blog and want to handle more and migrate it to Hostfizia then the Advance plan of Hostfizia allows you to add Multiple sites.

Yes, In this plan, you can host your multiple sites. Cool, Right? Not only this, You will also get 10 GB of Cloud SSD Space which is not a small thing. And except this, you will also get Unlimited bandwidth with this plan like in Starter Plan.

Its price is little high but it worth it by its features, So, the price of Hostfizia’s advance plan is $20.99/Year. Little much expensive. Right?

Business Plan

So guys, Now lets discuss about the most expensive hosting plan of Hostfizia.Yes, Business plan of Hostfizia is the most expensive hosting plan of Hostfizia.

In this plan, You can host UNLIMITED sites. Yes, Unlimited sites. You will get 25GB of Cloud SSD Space also with this plan. Not only this, You will also get UNLIMITED Bandwidth with this hosting plan.

As mentioned above, this is the most expensive hosting plan at Hostfizia. So, the price of this plan will be also high than another plan. So, the price of this plan is $40.99/Year. I know its a high price but you don’t need to buy this plan at starting and when you only want to handle 1 site.

Final Words

So guys, at last, if you are looking for the best hosting for starting a blog, Go with Hostfizia as it gives the best service & features at a cheap rate. I am also using this hosting on my other blog and the performance of that blog is fantastic.

Happy Blogging!

Thanks for reading this post!

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