How to start a blog with GreenGeeks?

Hey, wanted to start your blog with GreenGeeks? If yes, you have landed on the right page.

GreenGeeks is one of the best hosting providers. It provides you with many awesome features. Not only that, it comes with affordable prices which are really great.

I love this hosting because of its awesome features.

Today, I will tell you how you can start your WordPress blog with GreenGeeks. Are you ready? Let’s Begin.

Step 1:- Pick a Good Niche

First of all,

You Have To Select A Niche.

But Wait, What is Niche?

Yeah So,  A Niche Is A Kind Of Topic On Which You Will Write an Article. For Example, My Blog’s Niche is Blogging, SEO & Affiliate marketing. Right? Now You May Have Noticed That I am Posting Articles Only About Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing.

Because Blogging & Technology Is My Niche. So Same Like This, You Have To Select A Niche For Your Blog. There Are Many Niches Like Golf, Technology, Blogging, etc. But  I Will Recommend You To Select Your Interested Topic As Your Niche.

Step 2:- Pick a good hosting

Hosting Is A Kind Of Service That Makes Your Blog And Each Individual Post Available 24 Hours On The Internet. All Of Your Data Will Be Stored On Your Hosting.

In fact, When You Will Start Your Blog On Blogger Then, You Don’t Need To Buy Any Hosting. But in WordPress, you need to buy hosting. I would suggest you go with GreenGeeks here. It gives you many brilliant features. Like:

  1. Fast Speed
  2. Money-Back Guarantee
  3. Environmental Friendly Hosting
  4. Affordable prices and much more.

Why GreenGeeks is best for you?

There are many benefits of GreenGeeks that I love. Do you want to know why GreenGeeks is best for you? So, here are some awesome benefits that you can get with GreenGeeks.

#1: Super Fast Speed

Speed is important on any site. Whether it’s a blog or website. If your site’s speed is not good then your visitors don’t want to visit your site again. GreenGeeks has an awesome speed.

I think its speed is brilliant. If your site is slow then you can try moving your site to GreenGeeks and then you will see improvements.

#2: Tight Security

If you spend a lot of money on very expensive and good hosting but the security is not tight then you just waste your money. I always look at any hosting’s security first before I buy that hosting.

GreenGeeks has awesome tight security. This means there is very little chance of getting hacked.

#3: Support

Support is very important. If you are not getting good support in any hosting then don’t buy that. You may face any issues with any host but if their support team is very slow then it might be challenging for you. Right?

All I want to say is that GreenGeek’s Support team is awesome and very fast. They are ready to help you in any situation.

So, you don’t need to worry if you are facing any issues, all you have to do is to contact their support team and GreenGeeks’s team will be there with you.

GreenGeeks Plans & Pricing

Currently, Greengeeks provides 4 types of hosting which are:-

  1. Shared Hosting ( Starting from $2.49/Month in triennial Package only )
  2. WordPress Hosting ( Starting from $2.49/Month in triennial Package only )
  3. WooCommerce Hosting ( Starting from $2.49/Month in triennial Package only )
  4. VPS Hosting ( Starting from $39.95/Month )
  5. Reseller Hosting ( Starting from $19.95/Month in Triennial Package only )

All of the above types of hosting have their different features. You can go with anyone that is suitable and which fulfills your needs. But, if you are a beginner then I would suggest you go with their Shared Hosting which is cheap and good for beginners.

So, have you decided with which plan you want to start your blog? Okay, so, whatever you have decided, but today, I will tell you how you can buy Shared Hosting. So, be ready for that.

Start a Blog with GreenGeeks

The first step is to buy hosting. So, how can you do that? Okay, let me give you the steps.

#Step No. 1:- Click this special link and you will be redirected to GreenGeeks.

start a blog with Greengeeks

#Step No. 2:- Hover your mouse on Hosting and Select Shared Hosting.

#Step No. 3:- Select the plan you want to go with and click on Get Started.

#Step No. 4:- Enter a new domain name that you want or if you already have a domain then enter that domain. Then, click on next.

#Step No. 5:- Enter your details.

#Step No. 6:- Choose your server location.

#Step No. 7:- Enter your payment details and click on Create account.

Done!! After payment, you will now receive emails confirming your account and other details such as the cPanel, etc.

You now have to log in to your Greengeeks account.

After logging in, you will see your dashboard. In your dashboard, you will see the option of Quick launch wizard. Quick Launch Wizard is the latest feature of GreenGeeks which allows their customers to start their blog in a few seconds. Choose it.

After that, click on Start a new website and select WordPress.

Okay, so, after that, you will be asked to fill in some necessary details like your blog name and tagline. So, after filling those in, the next step is to choose a theme and plugins. You can change it later also.

After selecting the theme and plugins, click on Confirm.

Hooray!! Your website is ready now! It was too easy. Right?

Final Words

I hope you loved the article. If you are looking to start a blog then GreenGeeks is one of the best options for you. It provides you many good services. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Let me know your thoughts on this article in the comment box.

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