Inspirational Journey of 13+ Pro Bloggers [ Expert Roundup ]

Hey, welcome to Digital Pravakar!

You may have heard that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Its 100% True.

Currently, there are many professional bloggers, YouTubers, and digital marketers who are very popular.

Many people think that they are in their position because of their LUCK. But, it’s not true. They are what they are now because of their hard work, Consistency & Patience. Agree?

They struggled a lot for a long time to achieve success in their life. Their Journeys are so inspirational and motivational.

So, today, I have invited many Professional Bloggers, Youtubers, & Digital Marketers to share their journey with us.

Are you excited? Okay, Lets Begin!!!

Adam Connell From

My journey into marketing and blogging started almost by accident. Initially, I had some misconceptions about what blogging was (or could be) and I decided it wasn’t my thing.

When I was at college, I was studying music technology and a lecturer explained the process of setting up a record label. 

It sounded easy, so I started one. And soon enough, we were set up to get songs registered for the charts here in the UK but I needed a website.

I had some experience with Dreamweaver because I built my first website with HTML at the age of 12. So, I relearned Dreamweaver and built a website.

Soon after, I decided to turn the label from a traditional label to a netlabel and give all the music away for free (with permission from our artists, of course). 

The result was explosive growth. Before long, I had lots of artists wanting me to release their music on the label and the HTML website was too time-consuming to update.

I started searching for alternatives. That’s when I found WordPress. I had no idea what it was but I noticed it did have the option to publish blog posts so I used that option to update our followers on new releases.

So, without any intention to start a blog, I became a blogger of sorts. I learned a lot about marketing in the process. 
This experience taught me how powerful free content can be.

What was possible with a blog? I was so shocked when we hit 100,000 downloads within 6 months. The label ceased operating some years ago, but all music was made available at 

We’ve likely had around 3 million or so downloads so far. It’s crazy thinking about it like that because I started this project on a whim. Some people laughed and thought it’d never amount to anything.

And in terms of profit, they’re right. But it was the stepping stone that I needed to get into marketing & blogging. And it enabled me to build several 6 figure businesses. 

So, if you take anything away from this: forget about anyone that doesn’t believe in what you’re doing and don’t worry if your first project isn’t profitable. Sometimes they simply serve as stepping stones to something greater.

Hold fast and stay the course. You can make great things happen when you do.

Nirmala Santha Kumar from

My Blogging journey started in the year 2008; yes, it’s a long journey! I finished my Engineering graduation in the year 2002 and got married in the same year. To spend time with my family and take care of my kid, I looked for some genuine online jobs to work from home at my convenient time.

I tried some work-at-home jobs and had a bad experience with several spam jobs like Data Entry, Online Surveys, & Earn from clicking advertisements. Finally, I got an opportunity to visit and started working with several clients as a content writer.

With immense interest in writing, I have emerged as a professional blogger from my content writing profession. Initially, I have started my blogs on and made some decent bucks through Adsense.

Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld inspired me to blog on the WordPress platform, and then I have learned to earn revenue as an affiliate marketer. I have launched in the year 2013 and started practicing SEO strategies.

Right now, I handle 5 blogs and doing SEO consultation for a few clients. In 2015, I created a WordPress niche blog where I write helpful tutorials for the newbies and intermediate users. Driving organic traffic from search engines is my primary goal, and hence I do intense keyword research before crafting content for my blogs.

It is a fantastic online journey so far, and I make a great living as a blogger. 

Dhruvir Zala From

inspirational journey

I started my first blog on 4th April 2020 once the lockdown hit India. I came to know about blogging by watching one of the YouTube videos.

I was interested in writing but blogging helped me find that I truly wanted to do it. It assisted me in finding my true purpose in life By learning about blogging, I explored and learned about various topics related to it.

And that’s why I am a pure believer in authority blogging and scaling the blog as a business and not a hobby. I practice what I preach and I share everything I learn and discover on my base blog i.e. Scale Blogging.

I initiated a free BlogSpot account and soon shifted to the premium WordPress plan. I failed three blogs before starting But I learned so much throughout the journey.

Currently, I run two blogs and want to make a career as a (blogger & author).

My top piece of advice for any blogger out there: Don’t listen to too many people. Select the best and learn from them and yes, never stop learning.

As a blogger, your main focus should be on three things: -Writing EPIC content. -Promoting it heavily. -Building life-long connections. Backlink and all comes later down the road.

Thank you.

Nitin Dabas From

Hi Pravakar, Thanks for allowing me to share my experience along with experts in this field. For me, blogging is a passion and I love it so much.

Well, talking about my blogging journey, I saw many ups and downs in it. I came to know about blogging in 2013 when I was pursuing my graduation. My friend told me that we can earn money via blogging, though it was hard to believe at that time.

But, I started learning about blogging and Google Adsense attracted me. I started some micro niche blogs and generated money from them.

It started with $102 and reached up to $2000+ But, it was Adsense where income is not fixed and you can lose your money just before the release of the payment.

The same happened to me and my Adsense account got banned, I tried with other accounts (my friend’s), but after some months the same thing happened. I know about Affiliate marketing too but never tried as I was hesitant to step in.

I had no choice but to pause my blogging journey in 2016. Though I started blogging for money, over time it has become my passion and I made up my mind that sooner or later I will continue it. In 2020, I got a job in the government sector and now I resumed my blogging journey but this time I focused on Affiliate marketing.

Now after 1 year I got my first affiliate income of $141.20. There is no age for learning, we must keep learning and experimenting. I always regret that I didn’t try affiliate marketing in my initial days of blogging.

But here is an Indian proverb that suits best – Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera! I must say that everybody starts blogging for money but only those who succeed make it a passion.

Sayem Ibn Kashem From

mistakes in blogging

Firstly, I wanna thank one of my friends named Istiak Rayhan. I got this beautiful path because of him. One day I read an interview of him and came to know how people can make money through blogging and how he had gained a good fame and became financially free.

I started investigating more about blogging and started following the leading bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas to learn more about blogging. 

I took a very long time to launch my first blog FacileWay where I share blogging tips related to WordPress, SEO and affiliate marketing. It took almost three years to start my blogging journey with FacileWay in September 2018.

In this long period I tried to enrich my skills  and knowledge about blogging. I took this long time as I had to maintain family businesses and a full time job. 

But if you are thinking of starting your blog, Don’t delay! Because it’s more important to have practical knowledge, rather than having theoretical knowledge. 

Janice Wald From

Janice Wald

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Education and seeing the movie “Julie and Julia” which was about a blogger, I decided to blog.

My idea for blogging started years ago after viewing the box-office hit Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and receiving my Master’s Degree in Education.

I try to avoid taking a religious tone in my writing.  However, if you will indulge me… if angels exist, that’s what I want to be when it’s my time to enter those pearly gates. 

Being a blogger made me realize that I don’t have to wait until I meet St. Peter to help people.  The letters I’ve received from readers have supported me in this decision since they make me feel that I really am helping them, even in the tiniest of ways.

In closing, children’s author Dr. Seuss once wrote, “A person’s a person no matter how small.”  I will tweak his words to explain why I am now here: Helping is helping no matter how small.

My blogging journey evolved. I have been nominated twice for Best Internet Marketer by the Infinity Blog Awards. I am now a pro blogger, freelance writer, and co-founder of the Mostly Blogging Academy of Blogging, Marketing, and SEO Courses.

Our courses cover all areas of marketing except social media. We pride ourselves on offering affordable courses so bloggers of any budget can succeed online.

Nikola Roza From

mistakes in blogging

I started my blogging journey in March 2015. Back then my mother was terminally ill and I was looking for a way to earn money quickly and try to save her.

I tried blogging and of course, I failed. Partly because blogging is not quick money, and partly because I didn’t know what I was doing. I literally didn’t know what SEO acronym stood for, and of course, I was clueless about backlinks.

So I stopped for a while.

My second attempt came in April 2016. I knew I wanted to get into blogging and I didn’t have money for hosting. 

So, I started reading voraciously while also saving money knowing my time will come.

It finally did in December 2017 when I started my blog and my brand “Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined”.

But even then I couldn’t commit myself fully. in 2018 I spent 11 months in the fields picking raspberries, blueberries, grapes and apples. The one month I had for myself (January 2018) I used to publish some early money pages, some reviews and coupon articles (for example my Unbounce coupon code article was the third piece of content I published on my young site back then).

The goal was to let them age a bit and thus gain rank faster when I can dedicate 100% of my time to them.

It worked out in the end for me, but it was tough and many a time I thought I wouldn’t make it.

Tom Dupuis From

blogging journeys

I started my blog in college because I didn’t want a 9-5 job. Like many people, I didn’t take it seriously and did client work instead because that gave me immediate income.

I eventually got burnt out with client work, so I started blogging full-time. Within a few months, my traffic tripled and I began monetizing it with affiliate programs. About a year later, I was earning about 4 times what I was doing client work.

The first few months of non-stop blogging were very hard. I was living with my parents, didn’t have any income coming in, and going to food pantries. It was totally worth it because as time went on, it gave me the freedom to take plenty of vacations, breaks, and spend more time with family and friends without worrying about money.

Starting a blog has gotten easier with all these 1-click import and pre-designed themes. You can have the blog set up in 1 week. The hard part is dedicating time to creating content and driving traffic.

It can be overwhelming, so get a process going and prioritize the work. After all, you should look at blogging as a part-time or full-time job, and possibly your escape from the 9-5.

Akash Singh From

mistakes in blogging

Hey Pravakar Singh, First of all thank you for inviting me on your blog. 

I am Akash Singh, founder of and My blogging journey started in 2016 when I was in my high school.

At that I was just suffering on the internet and I read a blog where they mentioned how to make money on the internet and the first time I read about blogging on that blog.

Before that I was doing thing like referring apps and make money  through that and after reading about blogging on that website.

I did some research about it and learn how to make a blog and I started my first blog on for free with their subdomain that was my first blog.

I wrote about apps which gives money for referral, offer on recharges and many more thing about apps.

Because that blog was hosted on for free I wasn’t able to place adsense ads on that also because I didn’t know anything about SEO at that time. That blog didn’t get much traffic.

After that I moved to and started another blog but this time I am writing about movies and providing downloading links there and I started getting traffic on that but after some time google banned my blog because of policy violations.  

After trying 3-4 free blogs I decided to make a blog on wordpress with a domain name. I bought my first domain in july 2017 and started a fresh blog but the niche is the same again.

I started writing about apps, mobile offers, and topics like this. And this time I learnt a few things about blogging like earning through adsense, ranking in SERP, Backlinks and I implemented those things on my blog and after 2-3 month my blog started getting organic traffic.

Then I started many other blogs, websites. Some of them have failed, some of them are still running and I am working on those. So this is how my blogging journey was started.

Now I am running 10+ blogs that generate good revenue. Also in dec 2019 I started where you can learn about blogging and affiliate marketing for free.

Shehraj Singh From Shehraj.Com

blogging journeys

I started as a YouTuber, I watched a video by a guy that was teaching How you can make money on youtube.

Guess What, I was in!

After doing Youtube for 6 months. I discovered there is another way of creating content AKA Blogging.

If I talk about beginnings, I sucked at everything.

From writing to web design to SEO, I was below the average of a newbie.

I watched thousands of videos on Youtube (I mean it!) regarding website building, SEO, writing, marketing, etc.

You know what, I spoiled my first year in learning. I was without a mentor, A struggler finding his way.

Even my English sucked, I used to watch English videos at the speed of 0.25x to understand the context. Even sometimes sucked at that portion.

I’m having goos-bumps and tears while writing this statement. Having a macro view from where I have grown.

I even didn’t have money to purchase a domain.

I did hundreds of mistakes that constructed my first blog failure but they’re the foundation of my blogging journey.

Here are key takeaways from my first blog

  • Have a domain
  • SEO isn’t content marketing
  • Find your voice and stick to it.
  • Don’t compare your blog with monster sites

Myilraj G. from

blogging journeys

Hello Everyone, I am Myilraj. G from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. First-gen entrepreneur, blogger, digital marketer, and consultant. Like others, after finished my college degree joined as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer in a manufacturing company.

I don’t have any idea about blogging, but not after that, one day, when I was thinking about a robotic 9 – 5 day job. I thought about why I was working and earning for someone? I am burning myself for a small monthly salary.

Thus gave birth to my first blog ‘’ in March 2013. At my beginning stage, I was making my revenue from PTC sites, Survey sites.

So I shared those experiences in my blog. Later I came to know about Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, which brought a change in my blogging career. I realized Blogging itself a career when done right.

Now I am managing 6+ blogs in 6+ niches and all earning me a decent monthly revenue. Also, I am running my hosting and web design business in my native. In 2013, CMS isn’t at its peak and we have to learn PHP, HTML to develop websites.

But, not, WordPress often reduces the gap and makes even a newbie start a blogging business. It all started because of a small intuition and a strong desire to live a life that is a dream of others. Presently, I am on a mission to help people who are serious about starting a blog.

Ayush Mishra from BloggersDesire.Com

blogging journeys

Hello, I am Ayush Mishra, founder of BloggersDesire. I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer..

My blogging journey started after I passed 10th standard when I got a new mobile. One day while searching on YouTube, “what are some good career options”, I came to know about blogging. I made some blogs on blogspot from mobile but I did not work on them.

After some time I bought a domain from Godaddy and started a blog with Blogspot but at that time I didn’t know how to optimize a blog with SEO, so after working for a month I sold that blog.

My interest has been in business since the beginning, so I did not want to do 9 to 5 jobs, so blogging and affiliate marketing became a very good career option for me.

After that, I started a blog on wordpress, but after a few days of stating that there was a malware attack on that blog, I had to close that blog.

After that, I started a new blog again, but this time also due to serious technical issues, it also had to be closed, this happened one more time. But I did not give up and after some time I started BloggersDesire.

Ryan Biddulph from BloggingFromParadise.Com

Ryan Biddulph

I wanted to live a life of freedom versus working for somebody else. Trading my time and energy for money did not seem like a good idea so I began blogging. I had been laid off from my security guard job a few months prior. Blogging seemed like a neat way to help people while expressing myself. 13 years later, here I am.

Harpreet Kumar from

I’m Harpreet Kumar, and this is my blogging story. So far it has been a huge learning curve, when I first started blogging in February 2016. I thought it was going to be easy but it has been so far from it. While working as a carpenter for 12 hours daily, it was not easy for me to find time for blogging.

But ya I was earning some extra money with Blogging + Google Adsense while doing my job. It took me two and half years to become a part-time to full-time blogger. I stopped working as a carpenter in December 2018 and become a full-time blogger. This was not the end! The major problem started now.

My Adsense account got banned in February 2019. It was just two months gone I left my job. Now, I had two options: Either I go back to my job again or start a new blog again. I choose to blog because I had enough money to survive for a year.

Then, I created a new blog and get approved by Google Adsense. But after 6 months of hard work, Adsense account got banned again. This time, I had earned good money from Google Adsense. But this was confusing and irritating. Every time Adsense get banned, I need to create a new blog.

So I moved to affiliate marketing. I registered for promoting affiliate products. It took me around 2 months to get the first affiliate sale, which was approx $15 from GeneratePress affiliate program. Later, I registered a new domain (in December 2019). Now I am running this blog primarily.

Seriously, moving to affiliate marketing changed my blogging life completely. Now I earn a decent amount of my blog while working 4 to 6 hours daily from home. This is my story of getting into blogging and becoming a full-time blogger.

Anyway, I want to tell you blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in a passive mode. If you consistently work on your blog for just 3 – 6 months it will start giving you massive profits.

Happy Blogging
Harpreet Kumar

Amit Garg From BloggingBeats.Com

blogging journeys

Before I get into how my blogging journey started, I want to confess – I feel very fortunate and proud that I am a part of this awesome blogging industry.

Now coming to your question – Well, the journey was full of ups and downs.

Even after completing computer engineering (with 75% marks) in July 2012, I was empty-handed as I was not selected by any company during the campus placement drives.

After going through so many off-campus interviews I got an opportunity to work as a software developer. But soon, I realized that this is (so-called 9 to 5) not something that can do my whole life happily. During this tenure, from no salary to 6 LPA, I have experienced everything.

Fortunately, in Feb 2017, I got into the footwear manufacturing business, everything was perfect and I was quite happy. But you know what – life is unpredictable and you never know what will come next.

In May 2019, a fire incident took place in my factory. Due to which I had to wind up the manufacturing business and I started trading footwear items along with PPEs.

As a result, I got plenty of free time, and to utilize my time efficiently I started some content writing freelancing work for just 20 paise per word.

Eventually, on October 22nd, 2019, I started my own blog where I share my knowledge around blogging and affiliate marketing while making a living for myself.

Final Words

We all have our different journey full of ups and downs. You shouldn’t give up because you fail, You should try again and again. Giving up is not an option, Trying again is the option.

At last, I want to thanks all of the bloggers who contributed in this expert roundup. I hope you have got some motivation from this roundup. Do let me know what did you learned from this roundup post.

Happy Blogging! :),
Digital Pravakar!

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  1. Thanks, Pravakar for including me in the roundup.
    It was nice sharing my experience along with my friends and idols. Everybody faces ups and downs in his life but standing in every situation leads to our dream life.
    -Nitin Dabas

  2. Hey Pravakar,

    I am inspired with your consistent wonderful jobs. The way you are trying to take Digital Pravakar to higher levels is amazing.

    I saw some new names in the list. Everyone has a different journey and at the end it is nothing but hard work, dedication and consistency.

    I heartily congratulate all those who got the opportunity to be a part of this round up post. You people stories are awesome to read.

    • Hi Yasar Bro,

      First of all, Very Very Happy Birthday to you.

      Glad you loved the roundup post. Thanks for your motivational words. It really motivated me and Thanks for congratulating to our participants of this roundup post.

      Digital Pravakar!

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      You really deserve to be in this roundup post. I appreciate that you took time to read and comment on this roundup post. Thanks for commenting.

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