An Awesome Interview With Bishnu Mahali: Man Behind BloggerSelf.Com

Hey, Welcome to an another interview of our Interview Series.

Today, I am going to invite a great personality of Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Postcast Industry.

Yes, He is Bishnu Mahali, Founder of BloggerSelf.Com. He is a Pro Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & a person who love Postcast.

Let’s Welcome, Bishnu Mahali From BloggerSelf.Com

bishnu mahali

Q.1. Hey Bishnu Mahali, Please Introduce Yourself To Our Audience.

Hi, I’m Bishnu Mahali as you may have heard of. I’m the founder of BloggerSelf and a bunch of other small but growing brands that I would like to keep a secret until a certain point.

Basically, I’m someone who makes a living with self-created online businesses such as blogging, digital services agency, etc.

However, my goals aren’t to stick with what I already have but I would like to enter both the online and offline businesses and I aspire to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India. 

Q.2. How Did You Come To Know About Blogging? Share Your Blogging Journey So Far.

I started my online work by making some mobile websites when the internet wasn’t that popular in India or at least in the rural areas. When I accidentally discovered the internet, my curiosity led me in a lot of different directions and gave me ideas and opportunities to improve myself and potentially create a living in the future.

This is how I got introduced to blogging.

In the beginning, I was doing it because of curiosity and I found it fascinating.

Later around 2012, I got to know that I can also make money with it using Google Adsense. And that motivated me to consider it a career option.

Although I started earning a few dollars from my blogs and my self-coded websites, it wasn’t much.

So I started looking for other options when I was introduced to freelancing which changed my life because I was earning a lot of money from it.

I made thousands of dollars by freelancing in a very short period which encouraged me to keep going with the idea and I was lost. Money made me blind, I did a lot of mistakes and I realized I was tiring myself doing others’ work only. That’s not something I ever wanted.

So around 2018 I decided to blog and create my own businesses seriously and I kind of achieved my initials goals in 2019.

Now I’m looking forward to creating multiple online and offline businesses along with my team in different sectors. I would like to become one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in India. 

Q.3. How You Find New Post Topics For Your Blog Post And How You Do Keyword Research?

Right now, I’m not looking for topic ideas. I am currently following something that I learned from Gary Vee, “Document, Don’t Create“.

So, instead of looking for topic ideas, I create content or I should say document what I’m currently doing in my life.

Along with that, I also create some content when my followers ask for it or I get paid sponsored posts.

To be honest, I have published around 50 blog posts until now and more than 30 of them are paid posts.

I am very good at negotiating with brands and getting deals and partnerships. That’s one of my skills which allows us to earn more than many other popular blogs or brands.

Coming to the point, I don’t look for new topics but if I would do this in the future then I’ll start with Google Search Console.

And for keyword research, I use Ahrefs, SEMrush, and LongTailPro as of now. 

Q.4. What Are Some Awesome Plugins That You Use And Recommend?

Depending upon what type of web hosting you use, I highly recommend using a caching plugin like WP Rocket. I’m currently using WP Rocket on the BloggerSelf website.

Some web hosting works better with other caching plugins like WPX Hosting works best with W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize, and Async Javascript plugin.

And if you are using a Litespeed enabled server, such as HostArmada, GreenGeeks, etc. then Litespeed cache would be a better choice.

Also, if your hosting is not secure enough then it is a must to use a security plugin such as Sucuri. I use it on my websites which are hosted on Namecheap, HostArmada, Hostinger, etc.

Also, if your hosting is not secure enough then it is a must to use a security plugin such as Sucuri. I use it on my websites which are hosted on Namecheap, HostArmada, Hostinger, etc.

And if you are using hostings like WPX or Rocket.Net then it won’t be necessary to use any security plugin. However, you can use them if you want to be extra careful.

I also recommend using a page builder to build beautiful pages and to design blog posts as well. Currently, I’m using Thrive Architect for that and I love it.

Recently, I got my hands on Elementor Pro and I think Elementor is good as well. You can get any one of them and you won’t be disappointed.

For lead generation, I would recommend OptinMonster or Thrive Leads.

For SEO, I would recommend using RankMath PRO. And , I would recommend using Optimole for image optimization.

That would be all for starting and then you can include more plugins in the list based on your needs.

You can read my blog post on the best plugins for your WordPress website to decide which plugins are useful for you and what you should be using. I will keep updating the list with the best possible options so that you don’t have to worry about it.

By the way, let me name some more plugins that I personally use and like. Here you go:

  • AdSanity

  For publishing and managing ads on my websites.

  • Akismet

To prevent spam comments.

  • Optimole

To optimize images for better performance and website speed.

  • MonsterInsights

For using Google Analytics at its best and to include analytics in the WordPress dashboard itself.

  • OneSignal

For sending push notifications.

  • OptinMonster

For lead generation or collecting emails using different methods.

  • Fusebox

It’s a podcast player that I use.

To create short and sweet URLs.

  • RankMath SEO

For website SEO needs.

It’s the best social share plugin.

  • ThristyAffiliates

To create and manage affiliate links.

  • All Thrive Themes Plugins

Using the Thrive Theme Builder to create a custom theme, Thrive Architect to build pages and design blog posts, Thrive Leads for lead generation, Thrive Apprentice for making online courses. And I also use Thrive Optimize, Thrive Comments, Thrive Clever Widget, Thrive Headline Optimizer, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Quiz Builder and, Thrive Ultimatum.

  • WP Mail SMTP

To send WordPress emails via G Suite instead of using the default WordPress mail function for better deliverability.

A new page builder that I’m experimenting with. Either go for Thrive Architect or Elementor. You can also use them both but that doesn’t make sense to me.

Q.5. Are You Doing Blogging Part-time Or Full Time? Why? What Rules Do You Follow To Run Your Blog Perfectly?

Blogging is not part-time for me but yes it’s not my primary goal or business either. And like I said in my introduction, I’m a complete digital nomad.

Blogging is something that gave me hope and money as fuel to pursue my other goals and we were ready to launch our offline business with full force too.

But we had to postpone due to the Coronavirus pandemic and now we’re planning to do it after May 2021.

I also run a digital agency to provide various services like SEO, Video Editing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, Graphics Design, Consultations, etc.

And there are few more plans that I would like to show you guys when it happens instead of sharing the plans and not being able to achieve them.

I have also systematized everything as we manage a lot of things altogether which requires a lot of work and team effort.

Q.6.Please Give Some Suggestions To Newbie Bloggers.

In my opinion, the first advice all the newbie bloggers require is patience. I have seen it too many times that newbie bloggers get impatient and quit just before they would have seen a significant result or at least a little bit of motivation to continue.

I also feel that those who are already good at blogging should support newbie bloggers and keep them motivated. We can also show some support to them so that it can get a little bit easier for them and the best thing is, it doesn’t require much.

Coming to the point, the second advice that I would give to newbie bloggers is to keep an open mind and focus on learning and experimenting.

Blogging is easy but it’s not as easy as it was a few years ago. You need to be patient and it will require a lot of effort and learning to get going.

Q.7. As I Know, You Are In Blogging For Many Years, So, What Problems You Faced In Your Blogging Journey While Starting?

It was tough at that time and I didn’t have any money. Internet was also very expensive when I started so I had to struggle a lot but that also made me what I’m today.

In the beginning, I used an old Nokia 6020 mobile device to blog and to even code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and used to visit a cyber cafe to preview the sites that I made as it was not possible to see the site on the phone I was using.

The cafe used to cost ₹10 per 30 minutes if I remember correctly.

The first domain I bought was in 2018 and before that I was using free domains from third-party websites. The amount seemed big to me at the time for a website.

However, my freelancing career was in peek at that time and it is still my most profitable business.

My struggles made me stubborn, hard-working, and the solution-oriented person that I am. Whatever happened, happened for a good reason.

And I’m proud of my life.

Q.8. When & After How Much Time, You Earned Your First Money From Blogging Or Affiliate Marketing? What Was That Amount?

I don’t remember the exact time but I made a few bucks within a month of starting my website. However, that wasn’t a blog. It was a self-coded website made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a custom code made by the hosting provider.

I earned a revenue share from the hosting provider which wasn’t much but it certainly gave me hope. I don’t exactly remember the amount but it was below $100.

Later I switched to freelancing and started using Google Adsense on one of my websites in 2017 and the first payment from Google Adsense was $103.81 that I received in September.

So it took about a month to make about $100 using Adsense but the site was already old and was getting a lot of traffic. So I can’t exactly tell you how long it takes to make enough money but if I’ll guesstimate then it would be about 3-6 months from ads or one-month using affiliate marketing.

And my first sale as an affiliate was Bluehost if I remember correctly and it gave me a commission of $65 in 2018.

The rest is history and anyone who follows me knows all about my earnings and affiliate sales.

Q.8. Any Suggestion For Me? ( If Any )

I assume you are a beginner too. Although, you have acquired a lot of knowledge and wisdom that will help you grow in the future.

I would recommend you to learn as much as you can and never stop learning. And when you’ll start making good enough money, don’t get too excited.

Most of us make a lot of bad decisions at that time but you can avoid that if you will be careful.

I assure you that you’d be a great blogger someday. Just be authentic and keep learning.

Q.9. Give Some Awesome SEO Tips To Rank A New Blog.

SEO is a vast topic and what you need to do to rank your blog post depends on various situations. That’s the reason why it’s not good to give specific advice to everyone.

However, there are some basic things you can do to any blog posts to rank them on Google.

The good thing is, you can do them immediately by just following the instructions provided by your SEO plugins like RankMath SEO.

And for advanced tactics, I highly recommend following Brian Dean from

He’s one of the best when it comes to SEO and I follow him too.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment whenever you can. Experimenting will always keep you ahead of others and you’ll learn new things before it becomes known to everyone else.

That will give you some edge over others.

Q.10. Which Are Some Best Tools That You Use For Improving Your Blog?

I have already shared the plugins that I use with my WordPress website and along with them I also use online tools or services like Frase, ProWritingAid, Canva, ManyChat, Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, G Suite, VidIQ, MailChimp, SendOwl, Instamojo, RazorPay, Grammarly, and a lot more other tools and services.

However, remember that you don’t need to use all the tools and services that I use. You should choose the tools and services based on your needs and do not spend any extra money.

I highly recommend consulting with experts like Pravakar and me before you make a decision to invest your hard-earned money in buying them.

You can reach out to me on my Instagram or 

Twitter at @itsBishnuMahali if you want. I would love to help you guys out.

Final Thoughts

So guys, Thanks for taking some time from your busy shedule to read this interview. I hope you have learned new things from this interview.

And I want to thank Mr. Bishnu Mahali for giving his valuable time to prepare answers of our questions. And yes, You can follow his helpful blog to learn about blogging in practical ways.

Thanks for reading this Interview!

Happy Blogging!

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