Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj: Owner of BloggingQnA.Com

Hey Guys,

Today, I have invited a Professional Blogger & Youtuber. He is an Awesome Guy. He is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj From BloggingQna.Com.

He is a pro blogger and also a YouTuber from India. His Blog is BloggingQna.Com and His YouTube Channel’s name is Blogging QnA. He Shares So useful content through his blog and youtube channel.

If You want to learn to blog practically then follow his blog and YouTube Channel. I’m sure you will learn many new things from his youtube channel and blog.

Today, I will ask him some important questions related to blogging.

So, Let’s start the interview. Are you excited?

Let’s Dive in!

Q.1. Hey Mangesh Bro, first of all, welcome to and Please Introduce Yourself to Our Audience.

Thanks for Inviting me to Your Blog.

This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj. I am a 23 years old Full-Time Blogger, Youtuber also an Affiliate Marketer, and the founder of and Youtube Channel.

Apart from this, I am also running some micro-niche blogs in different niches and also have a Facebook Group “BloggingQnA” and Telegram channel and a group with more than 5K+ members.

For more latest updates you can join me on Instagram.

Q.2. How Do you get an idea of Doing Blogging? How did you get started?

I got to know about blogging from an MLM seminar when I was in my college the second year. After that, I have created some websites and blogs with copy paste work, that also didn’t work for me.

After the deep research, I started BloggingQna the youtube channel and website. And now all of these things are running very well.

Q.3. What is the Main Reason for Starting & BloggingQna Youtube Channel?

My main motive to start bloggingQnA is to earn money online. That’s very clear. I want to earn money online that’s why I started it but I know that without helping others it is not possible.

So, I am helping people and by doing this, I am getting money in my bank. This is my simple and clear funda.

Q.4. Please Share Some Useful Plugins That you are using On Your Blog?

I am using multiple plugins on my site. But below are some of my favorite plugins: –

Rankmath: – Best Plugin for on-page SEO optimization.

Thrive architect: – For designing my blog post and homage page.

WP Rocket: – For Improving site speed

Akismet antispam: – For removing spam comments.

Link Whisper:- For automatic interlinking

Thirsty affiliate: – for affiliate link cloaking

Q.5. Please Give Our Audience Some Tips on Bringing Organic Traffic to their blog?

The one and the only way to bring organic traffic to blog is SEO.

Build 10X better content than the top 10 ranking factors. Build high-quality backlinks, provide social signals.

Give your time in doing SEO of your blog. When your site starts ranking then only you will get organic traffic to your site.

Q.6. Can You Tell our Audience That How Much You Are Earning from Blogging Per Month? ( For Motivation )

Generally, I don’t feel comfortable when sharing my Earning proofs.


Due to the high demand of my audience. Sometimes, I shared it in some of my videos and mainly on my Instagram handle.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for that and for all the latest updates.

My Earning Proofs from Different Platforms.

Here are the Videos you can check in which I have shared some of my earnings proof :

Q.7. When & After how much time you received your first earning from blogging and what was the amount that you received?

I received my first dollar from blogging after almost 1.8 years. It was a very long time because, At that time, I am not doing blogging in the right direction. I am following useless YouTube videos who are misguiding people.

Because of that, I took 1.8 years. And It was somewhere 104 dollars from AdSense.

Q.8. What was your biggest mistake in Blogging & What Did You Learn from That Mistake?

As I said in my previous answer, I was following the wrong people to learn to blog. This was my biggest mistakes.

Because of this, it took very long to get success.  There are lots of people who are misguiding you about blogging and telling you some shortcuts but blogging is all about patience.

Blogging is not a shortcut to the rich. I learned this and Suggest everyone follow the right person who will guide you in the right direction instead of any shortcuts.

Q.9. According To You, Which Is the best hosting and Why?

It depends on budget ad site requirements also. If you have a low budget and just started blogging then try Namecheap or hostinger.

If you have a good budget then go for a2hosting, Bluehost, green geeks.

If you have high traffic sites then try the VPS server of cloud hosting.

Q.10. Would You Like to Give some Suggestions to New Bloggers?

The one and only suggestion to every new blogger out is, don’t take blogging as a quick rich scheme. You have to invest your money, time, patience, hard work in it in order to get success.

If you are thinking you will get results in 1 month or in some days then leave it, blogging is not for you.

Q.11. What Is The Best Way For Growing A New Blog?

Below are my 2 favorite strategies to grow a new blog:-

  1. Utilize all social media platforms for initial traffic to your blog because for organic traffic you have to wait for some months.
  2. Do networking within your niche. This will help you in building good relations with fellow bloggers, and you will get good exposure for your blog.

Q.12. Are You Doing Blogging Part Time Or Full Time? And How Do You Manage Your Time to run your blog Perfectly?

Initially, I was doing it part-time along with my job. But after some time, I left the job and started it as a full time. And currently, I am doing it full time.

And honestly speaking, I am very bad at time management. I work when I want to. There is no fixed time for that. So I am not capable to give any tips on time management.

Q.13. How do you Research Keywords for your articles?

There are many ways to do keyword research. I personally do a competitor analysis to get low competition keywords. 

Below is the step by step tutorial that you can follow for a practical guide on keyword research.

Q.14. How Do You Find New Post Topics For Your Blog?

Again, for this, I will suggest the practical video guide for a better understanding. Watch it and follow it.

Q.15. Many New Bloggers Think that They Will start their blog today and start earning from the next day. What Do you Want to tell them?

I simply say It’s not a quick-rich scheme. If you are a thing so, then leave it blogging is not for you.

It a real business and like every other business it requires time, money, and hard work.

Q.16. What we Should Keep in Mind Before Starting a Blog?

One simple tip, don’t look at what others are doing and start the same. Simply follow your interest and passion and start your first blog in your interest.

If you do so, the chances of success are very high as compared to starting a blog on any random niche.

Q.17. Which Blog Do You Like Most and Why?  

There are many blogs that I liked and read but below are some of my favorites:

Ankit Singla: – Founder of MasterBlogging

Chayan: – Founder of SimpleFactOnline

Ravi Dixit; – Founder of StaymeOnline

Anil Agarwal: – Founder of Bloggerspassion

Sumit Sao: – Founder of BloggingLift

Sorry, if I forgot to mention anyone. ? ?

Q.18. According to you, How Much Should a blogger post articles in a Month?  

It is totally up to you, and also depends on niche to niche. Like in my niche If I post 1 article in a month then it is okay. If I post 4 articles in a month, that is also okay.

But if you have a news website or job posting website then you have to post more and more content every month.  So, there is no fixed number of posts you should publish in a month.

I have created a detailed video tutorial on this. You can check out below

Q.19. According to You, Which One Is the Best Page Builder Thrive Architect Or Elementor? 

Both are amazing page builder with awesome drag and drop features. But I personally love to thrive, architect, because I am using that on all my blogs and recommend it to everyone.

You can read the complete review of the thrive architect here.

Elementor is also amazing but I never tried it. I am most comfortable with thrive.

Final Words

So, I would like to thank Mangesh Bhai for giving his valuable time for giving the answers of the interview. I hope you have enjoyed reading this interview. And, I’m sure you will get fantastic videos on his YouTube Channel & his blog.

Thanks For Reading This Interview,

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