Interview with Navin Rao: Man Behind QuestionCage.Com

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Welcome to Digital Pravakar’s Interview series.

Today, I have invited another guest with us.

He is a well known blogger in the blogging industry. He is also a very good personality and he is always ready to help others.

Can you guess, who is he?

So, he is Navin Rao. His blog is QuestionCage which is a very famous and useful blog. So, without any further delay, lets begin.

1. Hey Navin Bro, Welcome to our blog, Please Introduce yourself to our audience.

Hello Prabhakar. Thanks for having me. 🙂

Well, I was born in kolkata and now living in hyderabad. I started blogging in 2016 with That’s my primary blog and face of mine.

First blog is always special, so do QC as well. I started as a technology blogger writing how to articles as I am a little geeky always.

Gradually, I started writing about SEO, WordPress and Internet Marketing as well as I started and implemented those on my blogs. 

I have a personal blog or probably consider it as a service website too with my name, where I talk about WordPress Tutorials. As said it is a service website, Yes, I am a WebDesigner too.

2. How do you get into blogging? Share your blogging journey so far and tell us about your experience.

I never knew, I will turn into a blogger. Many bloggers inspired me when I started and still continue to get inspired with my peers.

Yes, blogging is all about learning and keeping on learning. Doesn’t matter where the knowledge comes from.

How Navin(Me) started blogging – I stumbled into a blog, when I had no clue about bloggers and blogging. Yes, the blog solved my issue.

That was pleasing, so i started digging who are the people who are behind such troubleshooting and problem solving blogs. 

That’s the moment I came closer to blogging and eventually came to know those blogs are monetized in several ways. What can be better, you share your knowledge and get money out of it. It’s business right, Yes, a business with very low investment and long term returns.

I started and here I am. 🙂

3. Please give some superb SEO Tips for a new blog.

I believe sticking to a small niche or topic is very crucial. And that’s the way how a blog would stand strong before the readers and searchengines. It’s all about building authority.

Certainly SEO is important for any blog, don’t run behind too much on it. Time is changing. Algo’s are changing.

  • Solve issues
  • Short sentences (make it readable)
  • Solid keyword research and distribution (Don’t stick to one keyword)
  • Research the topic and provide the solution to it best. Shorter the better. Just think you are reading it.
  • Keep the blog very clean
  • Get the best Hosting as possible within the budget.
  • Make only relevant backlinks. You don’t need many, just quality ones.

Write to solve the issue, crisp and sweet. It will start ranking if people would spend decent time on your blog pages.

4. How do you find topics for your posts and how do you do keyword research?

Quora is the best way to find topics.

Other than that, use some spy tools like SEMrush and any other. These tools will expose all the competitors ranking keywords, and the rest of the job would not be too hard.

Use reddit, it’s awesome too.

5. Some Best Plugins you use and the advantages of using those plugins.

I understand there are several plugins in the wordpress repository and premium too, its hard to decide which one to choose.

Let me help your readers in this regard

  • WP Rocket – Best Caching plugin (Premium) – Speed up your website like never before with its best cache features. CSS, JS, HTML compression and more.
  • iThemes Security (Free / Premium) – Create a rock solid security around your website
  • Rank Math SEO (Free / Premium) – Rankmath Free plugin is enough for beginner and intermediate bloggers. Just a few settings configuration and your blog is set to be SEO optimized and will help in rankings.
  • Google Authenticator – This will create an extra level of security. After two factors security matters a lot. 
  • ThirstyAffiliates (Free / Premium) – Cloak your affiliate links with the best global settings
  • Internal Linking plugin – Use an internal link plugin, if you have too many blog posts, will be useful in SEO as it passes the link juice from authoritative pages. I would suggest a plugin like LinkWhisper which is AI based.

6. . Are you doing blogging part-time or full time? What rules do you follow to run your blog perfectly?

I have been doing it part time since 2016 and I love doing so. As it satisfies my inner soul and also gives me financial freedom.

I made good money out of blogging so far. And want to scale my online business further though my service website.

Infact recently I started on more blog, that also talks about the expertise I have. Yes, it’s WordPress.

I talk about WordPress troubleshooting guides, Plugins, Themes, Hosting reviews, and more which i used for my blog or on my clients sites. You can get a glance through this HostArmada Hosting review which I recently wrote. 

Rules I follow to maintain my blogs,

  • Research topics or keywords regularly
  • Write regularly
  • Create backlinks once in a week (comments)
  • Write Guest Posts once or twice a month
  • Utilize you time to its best. Promote on the go
  • Engage with the influences and your peers well.

7. Please Give Some suggestions to a newbie blogger.

Choose your niche wisely. Your expertise matters.

While starting, don’t see what others are earning regularly or don’t compare yours with them. 🙂

Instead, check how they are blogging, how they write, how they promote, how they engage, what are the topics they are covering.

The bottom line is, it should take time for you to get there. Nothing happens overnight, patience is the key along with your continuous hard work. Just for motivation I made money through blogging after 7 months of starting.

Take others earnings just as proof that you can make money through blogging.

8. Any Suggestions For my blog? ( if any )

I see you are doing well with your new blog. You are quite active on social media and that will do all good in the long run.

Keep making friends as you already are. Find decent keywords and start writing on it, thinking of the long term. It’s crucial prabhakar.

Avoid using too many colors and typographies on your blogs, and just be sure colors and typography you use blend well with each other. These are the important factors for providing good UX.

I found, you are on the right path of blogging. Keep creating useful content for a rock solid authoritative blog.

9. As We know, you have been blogging for many years. so, what problems did you face in the starting of your blogging journey?

Yes, since 2016 I am into blogging.

Though, now i have many blogging friends and known by many influencers too. It wasn’t the same, till the first 6 months of blogging.

I was not networking with blogging mates at all. Just kept on writing on any topics, without doing any keyword research. Which obviously I realized later and corrected it.

Other than that, I don’t remember any bigger issues. Journeys can make you learn a lot. All we need to make sure, we are not repeating the mistakes. 🙂

10. When & After how much time, you earned your first money from your blog? what was that amount?

As said, I started blogging in 2016, and my first earnings came at that time after 7 months of continuous blogging. The amount was small, yes it was just $30 from a sponsored blog post. 

But that was the day I knew there was money in blogging. After that I started making money at most from all my blog posts.

11. Please share some cool tips for increasing affiliate sales.

  • Choose your product wisely.
  • Most of the time, try to use the product before making a review.
  • Write affiliate articles that are skimmable – provide required info, which can be seen easily.
  • Right call to actions, at the right place (could be buttons, links, mix it)
  • Don’t try to promote, share the experience and talk to readers.

12. Lastly, share the best blogs that you follow daily.

I used to follow many blogs in the initial days of blogging for my learnings. I still do, few of them.

Final Words

I hope you guys have learned something new today from this interview of Navin Rao. Here are some points that you learn from his interview:-

  1. Never Give up
  2. Have Patience & Consistency
  3. Learn from your mistakes & many more.

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