An Exclusive Interview With Nikola Roza: Man Behind NikolaRoza.Com

Hey Guys, Welcome back to the interview series of GeniusBlogging. Today, I am going to invite the founder of NikolaRoza.Com, Mr. Nikola Roza.

He is a wonderful Blogger & Affiliate Marketer who is doing blogging & affiliate marketing for a few years. And only in a few years, He has achieved many things.

Today, I will ask him some interesting questions related to blogging & affiliate marketing. I hope, you guys will learn something new from him, Today.

So, Let’s Welcome Mr. Nikola Roza.

Q.1.  Hey, Nikola Sir, welcome to my blog. Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi Pravakar, thank you for inviting me for an interview here. It’s a pleasure for sure.

My name is Nikola Roza, I’m from Serbia and I blog at

Beside being a near full time affiliate marketer I also do freelance writing on the side.

Q.2. As I know, you are doing affiliate marketing for many years. So, Please share some superb tips for increasing affiliate sells.

Sure thing!

Here are 3 tips that will serve you well

#1- Only promote products you believe in.

By believing I mean that you’ve used or still use it on your blog. That way your review will blow out of the water other people’s reviews. Because other people promote just to make money while you believe in what you’re saying. And you have real-life experience with the product.

Let’s take for example the SERPS related to Missinglettr smart A.I. scheduler.

If you take a look at the top results, and especially on the first 3 pages, you’ll see that 80% of people don’t use Missinglettr and haven’t got the screenshot to show how to use the tool. Their reviews are simply regurgitated information copied and slightly modified from other blogs.

On the other hand, my Missinglettr review is full of genuine screenshots and sentiment, and that is because I use the tool religiously and I love it. 

Brings traffic to my site daily.

That’s the difference.

#2- Dedicate at least one third of your entire blog to money pages. 

Money pages are those posts where you have your affiliate links and where you can earn money. You need to have a lot of them so you rank for many money terms and start making money sooner. You won’t make a commission just by ranking one page. Instead target as many as you can.

Also, you might have heard that Google doesn’t like it if you have too much monetized content on the site. I think that’s absurd. 

Google only cares that you provide quality content that serves user intent.

I see everyday coupon sites that all they do is publish coupon codes. Their pages are paper thin in content but these sites still make a killing online because their pages serve search intent.

Users looking for coupons want to find such pages and Google rewards those sites despite their abysmal content.

#3- Find products in your industry that have a sliding scale of commissions.

So if you make more sales your average commission rate increases. And focus on those products. That way it’s much easier to scale your income faster.

Q.3.If we want to be affiliate marketers, what things we have to focus on?

You need to focus on building up your blog’s traffic. It’ll be slow in the beginning but if you keep pushing you’ll reach the tipping point where you get traffic and it’s increasing on its own.

Second, you need to focus on building connections with other bloggers in the industry. No one ever succeeded alone and neither will you or me. We bloggers need to unite and connect. The market is big enough for all of us.

Q.4.How do you get into blogging?

In 2015, my mother was very sick and I was trying to earn money to buy medicine for her.

Of course it didn’t work because she was dying and only had a few months to live, while as you know blogging takes years to really start working.

But in 2015 I learned that money can be made online and I’m glad I did because it changed my life.

Q.5.What kind of affiliate products should newbie affiliate marketers promote and earn?

The products you promote need to be of high quality and you need to have used them.

First hand experience is priceless when it comes to reviewing products effectively.

Also, it pays to promote evergreen products. Promote stuff that has been there ten years ago because it means it’ll probably be there 10 years in the future.

A good example is hosting products. They are as evergreen as they can be because websites will always need hosting to go online.

Q.6. When & After how much time you received your first payment from affiliate marketing? and what was that amount?

It was in 2019. As you may know, I promote Wealthy Affiliate Platform and they have a lucrative affiliate program.

So, I started seriously promoting WA in June last year and I honestly didn’t expect to earn anything in the first 3 months.

You can imagine my surprise when one morning I woke up to find 3 yearly sales waiting in my account. One yearly sale makes me $150, and I got 3 and all on the same day

Weird and definitely unexpected.

So my first ever commission was from WA and around $500 and that one payment forever hooked me to the thrill of affiliate marketing.

Q.7. Give some awesome tips to be a professional affiliate marketer.

To be a pro marketer you need to be hyper-organized. Gather important data in a spreadsheet and keep it there + regularly update when needed.

Examples of important data are a list of affiliate programs you’ve joined, commission structure for each, payment methods, your affiliate link codes…

Second, professional affiliate marketers do not focus solely on SEO or even on getting traffic. Instead, they focus heavily on monetization as their goal is to start making money as soon as possible.

Pro affiliate marketers know that traffic is a vanity metric, and they look for ways to make more money and monetize their assets better.

Finally, pro affiliate marketers learn from other pros, because even the most successful marketer in the world can and should learn something new every day.

Q.8. Which plugins are necessary to be installed in a blog to increase affiliate sales & make affiliate posts better?

  • Yoast SEO, or RankMath;
  • Thirsty Affiliates for affiliate link management (Petty Links is a good alternative);
  • ShortPixel for image optimization;
  • WP Rocket for caching;
  • Link Whisper for effective internal linking;
  • Redirection plugin for 301 redirects.

And that’s it. The goal is to have as few plugins as possible. Because of more plugins, slower WordPress, and more entry points for hackers.

Q.9. Any suggestions for me ( If any )?

Yeah, you have  a brand new blog. Your blog looks great and your content is very decent considering that you’re only 13 years old and English is not your native language.

Good job, Pravakar!

My recommendation for you is to pump the gas on content. Create a mega list of low competition keywords (use the KGR method to find low competition terms) and start pushing more and more content.

In the first year of your blog’s existence you need to pump out as much content as you can because it takes time for content to mature and rank, so you’re better off producing large quantities of it sooner.

Link building can come later.

Also, good job on starting your Facebook Group. That was a smart move and as you grow your group a bit more you’ll be able to start pitching products there and make money with affiliate links through your group.

Overall, you’re doing great and I’m impressed with the results you’re getting considering that you’re a part time blogger and only 13 years old.

Keep going strong bro!

Q.10. So, Now, give some suggestions to a new affiliate marketer.

New affiliate marketers need to realize that affiliate marketing is a business and one that takes time to develop.

So, if someone’s just starting today they shouldn’t expect results in the first year. They CAN expect modest results in the second year and if they keep working hard the third year is when they’ll really start to reap the rewards of their hard work.

That’s a realistic scenario for sure.

Q.11. Where can people learn more about you, Nikola?

They can visit my blog where I share everything I know about SEO and affiliate marketing. If they need a freelance or ghost writer, they can find my rates here.

Finally, I’m also active on Twitter.

Thank you for inviting me Pravakar, I had a blast!

Take care bro!

Final Words

So, At last, I would like to thank Nikola Sir for giving their valuable time to us for preparing the answer of this interview. And I hope, You guys have learnt something new from him today.

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Thank you bro for publishing my interview.
    I had a blast answering your questions and I hope your audience finds value in my words.

  2. Good job Pravakar. Nikola is a pro’s pro. He blogs the right way. The key is to follow his advice persistently and patiently. The more you help folks and make friends with bloggers by being generous, solving people’s problems, success can and will come to you freely over the long haul. Being patient and persistent – along with being generous – are keys to going professional as a blogger.



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