An Exclusive Interview With Ravi Dixit: Man Behind StayMeOnline.Com

Hey Guys, Welcome back to an another interview of GeniusBlogging’s Interview Series.

Today, I have invited a very interesting blogger here. He is doing blogging from many years. His blog is StayMeOnline.Com

Yes, He is Ravi Dixit. Undoubtly, He is one of the best blogger. He shares Awesome helpful content related to blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing in his blog.

Today, I got this golden opportunity to invite him on my blog. And today, I will ask him some interesting questions related to blogging, SEO & affiliate marketing in this interview.

So, Let’s Get Started.

Q.1. Hey Ravi bro, Welcome to GeniusBlogging.Com, Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hey, Lovely Readers!

I’m Ravi Dixit, founder of StayMeOnline and few other blogs on various niches. I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer from New Delhi, India.

I started my blogging journey in May 2016 as a part-time blogger along with my full-time office job. But from July 2019 I took blogging full-time.

Q.2. How do you get into blogging? Share your blogging journey so far and tell us about your experience.

I’m not a 9 to 5 job kind of person, I knew it from my school days. I always wanted to work without any time and place boundaries.

I want to work from anywhere and at any time… Want to be my own boss. So, one day I made a Google search on “methods to make money online” and found Blogging at the no.1 position as the most reliable method to make money online.

I fell in love with blogging because it can give me the freedom which I was looking for.

I started reading more about blogging and other related topics and planned to start my own blogging journey.

This is how I came into blogging and started my own blog.

Q.3. How do you find topics for your posts and how do u do keyword research?

I use SEMrush for keyword research and for all other SEO tasks. It is an SEO tools bundle that has many useful tools which make outranking competitors and driving more traffic easy from SERPs.

If you want to learn more about SEMrush and how to use it for better results then read the complete SEMrush review here…

But for writing new content, I mostly prefer spying my competitors. I find out what type of content performing well in my niche and write more in-depth content on the same topic.

Also, I take topics from communities like my Facebook group, Quora, and most trending topics in my niche. 

Moreover, I also share what I experience, new things that I apply on my blog, any error I fixed on my blog in form of content. 

Q.4. Some Best Plugins you use and the advantages of using those plugins.

Here are some of the best plugins that I am using on my blogs:

  1. WP Rocket: WP Rocket is the best WordPress cache plugin that helps in boosting website loading speed by leveraging the caching.
  2. Elementor: Elementor makes it easy for me to design attractive and cool web pages in my WordPress blogs.
  3. OptinMonster: I am using it to capture the email addresses of my visitors by showing them conversion-focused opt-ins forms. If you don’t like OptinMonster or found it expensive, then give a try to any of these OptinMonster alternatives.
  4. WPForms: The best WordPress forms builder that makes it easy to create any kind of WordPress forms without knowing how to write code.
  5. Akismet: This is one of the must-have WordPress plugins which eliminates the spam comments on your website.
  6. RankMath SEO: The best free WordPress SEO plugin that helps in optimizing your website for SEO to get better results on SERPs.
  7. Broken Link Checker: It notifies you about the broken links on your blog.
  8. SocialSnap: I am using SocialSnap to show social sharing buttons on my blog. It also helps in adding Click to Tweet boxes.

Q.5.  Are you doing blogging part-time or full time? what rules do you follow to run your blog perfectly?

I am doing full-time blogging since July 2019. I quit my job because I wasn’t getting enough time for blogging. 

It was a great decision to quit my blog and come to full-time blogger because that’s something I really love.

I am enjoying my life with freedom.

When I was managing my blog along with full-time office job, I was hardly getting 3 to 4 hours to work on my blog but now as a full-time blogger, I try to work at least 10 hours daily on my blog like a full-time office job. 

But 10 hours are not fixed, It depends on the workload. It even increases to 20+ hours a day. 

So, I work in a flexible schedule, manage my routine according to the workload.

Q.6. Share some awesome tips for newbie bloggers to grow their blog.

Focus on providing value without expecting anything back from your blog at least for the first year. I have seen many newbies who want to earn from the very first day but trust me, it is not possible. It took me around 1.7 years to earn my first dollar from my blog.

So, if you are thinking that blogging is a quick-rich scheme then it is not for you.

Here are some other tips that can help a newbie bloggers to grow their blog:

  1. Focus on long-tail keywords when writing your content, they are low-competition. so you have high chances to rank fast.
  2. Choose your niche carefully because most beginners quit blogging when they failed to work with the niche they selected. 
  3. Always keep your eyes on your competitors and find out how they write their content and which type of content is performing well for them.
  4. Collaborate with other bloggers from the same niche, invite others in roundup posts, take their interviews etc. it will help you to get exposure in their audience.
  5. Never stop learning, invest money and time on your learning to sharpen your knowledge.
  6. Choose a good web hosting provider, avoid cheap and free web hosting providers.
  7. Invest in a premium WordPress theme, don’t choose nulled or cracked theme just to save money. 

Q.7. When and after how much time, you earned your first money from blogging? what was that amount?

It took me around 1.7 years to earn my first dollar from blogging. I got $26 as an affiliate commission from a product that I have promoted through my blog. 

I have seen this misconception in many beginners that they can start generating money from the very first month through blogging but that’s not true.

It takes more than years to start getting money from blogging so don’t take it as a quick-rich scheme.

Q.8. Who are your favorite bloggers?

Here are some bloggers who I really admire and like their work:

  1. Harsh Agarwal founder of ShoutMeLoud
  2. Anil Agarwal founder of BloggersPassion
  3. Ankit Singla founder of MasterBlogging
  4. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj founder of BloggingQNA
  5. Sumit Sao founder of BloggingLift
  6. Umer Qureshi founder of GuideBlogging
  7. Chayan Chakarbarti founder of SimpleFactsOnline
  8. Bishnu Mahali founder of BloggerSelf

Q.9. What minimum amount does a person need to start their good blog?

Here are the things along with their cost that you need to invest on when starting a blog:

  1. Web Hosting: It will cost you approx 50$ if you want to host your web hosting with a good web hosting company.
  2. Domain: 10$
  3. WordPress premium theme: It is optional but I highly recommend to purchase when starting your blog. It will cost you approx $50(I am taking GeneratePress as an example).

So, if I make a total then it would be 110$ but you can take $100 as your budget when starting your blog.

But for those who do not have $100 to start a blog then they can leave the premium WordPress theme and start with web hosting and domain which will cost you $60.

This is the minimum amount one needs to start a blog with WordPress. However, you can save money on web hosting and theme and start with the Blogger platform.

To get a better understanding of which blogging platform is good for you, refer to this Blogger vs WordPress comparison

Q.10. Any suggestions for my blog? ( If any )

I like the way you started blogging, you are making good use of collaboration. I have just one recommendation for you is, Focus on publishing more content on your blog. It will help you to build authority in your niche and gain more rankings and traffic. 

Keep up the amazing work and best of luck for the future with your blogging journey.

Final Words

So guys, At last, I would like to thank Ravi Bro for giving their valuable time to prepare answers to the interview. I hope you enjoyed reading this awesome interview with Ravi Dixit. I also hope that you have learned something new today from this interview. Let me know your thought in the comment box.

Happy Blogging!

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