Keyword Research E-book Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

So guys, Whenever it comes to keyword research, most of the newbie think that its too hard to do keyword research.

Although, If you know How to do keyword research well then Its too easy for you but if you don’t know how to do keyword research well, Its too hard for you. Right?

And here, if you think that keyword research is only about finding high volume keyword then my friend, you are Completely WRONG!

There are so many other ways to do keyword research well. Now, If you Want to learn keyword research well, then I have an e-book suggestion for you.

Its KEYWORD RESEARCH E-BOOK by Anil Agarwal Sir who is the founder of BloggersPassion.

This book will help you a lot to understand keyword research. This e-book is so beneficial for you even you don’t know even, “K” of Keyword Research.

Yes, This book has covered keyword research from Beginner level to advance level.

I have already read this e-book & I can say, this is the best e-book on Keyword research that I have ever seen.

So, Today, I will give you a review of this e-book & will share my personal experience with this e-book.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive In!


keyword research e-book

So, guys, Keyword Research e-book is a Premium e-book on Keyword research written by Anil Agarwal who is the founder of BloggersPassion. If you want to learn keyword research in detail then you must go for this e-book.

This is an outstanding e-book on Keyword Research. In this e-book, you will learn many topics related to keyword research in detail like Basic Keyword Research, Finding Related Keywords, Knowing The Searchers Intent & many more.

So, Yes, this e-book will be so much beneficial for you. Now, Lets talk about the author of this e-book.

Who is Anil Agarwal?

Anil Agarwal is not new to blogging, He is in blogging for more than a decade. Yes, He is doing blogging for more than 10 years. He is a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer from Gurgoan, India.

I think almost every Indian bloggers know Him as He is one of the best Indian bloggers. His Blog is BloggersPassion which is in the Blogging niche. His blog is running for the last 10 years. Yes, He is in blogging for more than a decade.

If you want to learn Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing in a right & genuine way then you must follow his blog. Currently, His blog have more than 400 articles published.

You can see an earning report of Anil sir here, This is an affiliate earning of the SEMrush affiliate program. He is promoting SEMrush for the last 4 years.

keyword research e-book review

Why Keyword Research Is Important In Blogging?

Keyword Research Is one of the important factor that can boost your traffic. Yes, But what exactly Keyword is?

So, A keyword, or, as others call it, a focus keyword, is a term that best represents the content on your blog or article. It’s the search word on which you like a certain page to rank.

But as users on Google or other search engines search for the keyword or expression, they can find that page on your website.

So, yes, for better ranking your post on search engines, You should do keyword research well. Keyword research also helo you boost your blog’s traffic & grow your audience size.

But, How?

If you will do keyword research well, It will rank your blog post then you can get more visitors & the more visitors you gain, there is more chances to make them daily visitors of your website through your quality contents.

Not only in that, But it also helps to increase affiliate sales.

What’s Inside This E-book?

So, guys, This e-book contains many useful lessons and in this e-book, there are 3 chapters. What are they? Let’s see them.

Chapter 1:- Keyword Research Made Easy

This is the basic lesson of Keyword research in which you can know the basic techniques of Keyword research. This chapter is focused on Beginners. If you want to know basics of Keyword research then start with this chapter.

Chapter 2:- How We Do Keyword Research At Bloggers Passion

So guys, In this chapter, Anil Sir has given his whole strategies that How they do keyword research at his Blog, BloggersPassion.

If you want to know the secret strategies of Keyword research that how they do keyword research well on their blog then this chapter will be so much beneficial for you.

Chapter 3:- 4 Incredible Tools You Need for Better Keyword Research

So guys, in this chapter, Anil sir will talk about 4 best tool that you need for better keyword research. I am sure these 4 tools will sky rocket your keyword research information. If you will ask me that What are those tools? My answer is, “Just Buy this e-book & Read It”.

BONUS CHAPTER:- Keyword Research Checklist

Yes, this chapter is a bonus chapter in which you are going to know more about the keyword research checklist. I know its so much beneficial for you. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Go & Buy this e-book Now!

What People Say About This e-book?

I think, Now, you can guess how helpful is this e-book.

FAQs On This E-book

My experience with this e-book

Honestly Speaking, I love this e-book & I highly recommend this e-book to everyone who want to learn Keyword research.

I got this e-book from my friend and when I read this e-book, I found so many useful information related to Keyword research.

Just one word for this awesome e-book, “Amazing”!

At 499 INR, You are going to get so much information related to Keyword research. I must say, the price should be high as the content of the e-book.

So, Yes, You should definitely read this e-book to know more about Keyword Research.

Final Words

So guys, At last, I want to say that If you are a beginner & want to learn Keyword research well then You must go for this e-book because this e-book is very beneficial. It has covered many useful chapters & topics that is helpful.

I highly recommend this e-book to every blogger who want to learn how to do keyword research well.

So, guys, I hop you loved the review. If yes, Leave your thoughts in the comment box & let me know.

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