7 Powerful Lessons to learn from Harsh Agrawal ( Founder of ShoutMeLoud.Com )

Hey, Welcome to Digital Pravakar.

Harsh Agrawal ( ShoutMeLoud.Com ) is my blogging inspiration. He is truly an inspiring personality in the Blogging industry.

I am sure that most of you have read his blog, ShoutMeLoud. Right? But, Why I am telling you about Harsh Agrawal, Today?

Because, Today, I will tell you 7 Lessons to learn from Harsh Agrawal. I learned a lot from him but today, I am going to talk about 7 main takeaways from Harsh Agrawal.

So, Are you ready? Okay, let’s begin!

Who is Harsh Agrawal?

Harsh Agarwal is one of the most popular blogger all over the world. He is founder of a very famous and multi award winning blog called ShoutMeLoud where he blogs about Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social media marketing and many more.

He is also my blogging inspiration. Whenever I see his journey, I get inspired. He is truly a very interesting and helpful guy. Harsh Agrawal is in blogging industry from more than a decade. He started his journey in 2008.

Along with that, Harsh Agrawal also has several other blogs like CoinSutra etc. and He is founder of ShoutDreams also. He is also a very good speaker and had been speakers in many big events.

Not only that, He has been featured on Forbes, YouStory, Entrepreneur etc. Interesting guy, Right?

7 Powerful Lessons to Learn From Harsh Agrawal

Hey, So, Today, I will share my 7 lessons that I learned from Harsh Agarwal. Definitely, I learned many but today, I am going to talk about 7 best of them.

So, what are the learnings? You have to read this article completely to know. So, without any further delay, Lets begin! Are you ready? Okay!

Lesson 1: Never Waste your time

The first lesson to learn from Harsh Agrawal is Never waste your time.

I just hate time wasting guy. If you have seen Harsh Agrawal’s journey then I am sure you know about the accident that changed his life. Well, if not let me tell you that after a week of Harsh’s birthday, on about 29th June, 2009., He met with an accident.

He had a big injury in his leg and doctors told him he could never walk again. He lost all of his hope and faiths in Blogging. But, you know what happens?

When doctors told Harsh to take bed rest for about 6 months in hospital then unlike many people, He didn’t just stay on bed but He used his most of the time to learn Blogging. He spend countless time on learning new skills. Its amazing, Isn’t it?

Did you observed? He changed that rest time into an opportunity. And a good news come after 6-7 months of bed rest. Well, the news was given by Dr. Prateek Gupta ( Surgeon ) who treated Harsh and he were able to walk goodly after that bed rest.

Now, Lets move to another lesson.

Lesson 2: Listen to yourself

I have heard somewhere that Listen to your heart, Mind will find a way to do that. I truly believe in that.

On April or June 2009, Harsh Agrawal was working for Convergys in Gurgaon but he wanted to quit that job. At that time, His salary in that company was $300/Month and opt in blogging.

And he also had a job offer from Accenture in his hand. He got confused on June last, 2009, whether he should work in Accenture or Opt in blogging. At that time, Blogging, Entrepreneurship was not popular as its today.

People in his circle advised him to work in Accenture and it was a big company too. BUT, He listened to himself. He was aware about future of Blogging and digital marketing.

After a lot of discussion in his circle, He decided to listen his inner voice and Opt in blogging as a career. Well, I have to say, It was the life changing decision for Harsh what bring him to what he is today.

So, always, Listen to yourself!

Lesson 3: Create multiple sources of income

So, the third lesson to learn from Harsh Agrawal is : Create Multiple sources of income.

Do you have only one income source? If yes, start creating more income sources. Why? For example: if you depend on only YouTube for income then might be somehow YouTube can be banned in your country, maybe your channel be hacked etc.

Now, What will you do? If you start creating another source of income after that, it will take time and in the meantime, you won’t earn, Right? So, You must create multiple sources of income like Harsh Agrawal.

He has many sources of income. For example: Sponsored content, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube channel, His own e-books and university etc. Harsh don’t depend on only one income source. He has created multiple income sources which totally make more than $70,000 every month for Harsh Agrawal.

Its amazing, Right? So, Start creating multiple sources of income as it will help you a lot. And do let me know what income sources you have in the comment box. Okay?

Lesson 4: Collect Leads

Money is in the list. Have you heard that? I am sure if you are in blogging then you have heard that. . You should start collecting leads from the Day 1. Harsh Agarwal believe that. If you visit ShoutMeLoud then you can see many lead magnets.

Lead collecting comes under Email Marketing. Email marketing is BOOM in 2021 and has great potential. You shout learn it. Here are some benefits of collecting leads:

  • Increase sales
  • Benefits both buyer and seller
  • Target Desired Customers:
  • Costs less than Other Advertisements:
  • And so on.

If you collect leads then you can send them informational mails and then you can pitch them to buy your product or the product you are promoting.

Now, Have a look on a lead magnets of Harsh Agrawal that he is using to collect leads. So, you will get an idea.

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Lesson 5: Be Consistent

Do whatever you are doing by being consistent. Consistency is the key! If you have followed many bloggers then you might now this.

Lets take an example:

I am sure you have heard the story of The rabbit and tortoise. In that story, Rabbit runs fast but he took rest in the middle of the race. Did he won? No, Right? But, in the other side, Tortoise was running slowly but consistently and he won the race.

Now, I am sure you have got an idea what I am trying to say. If you see Harsh Agarwal’s blogs then He consistently was, consistently is creating contents at his blog.

If he didn’t do consistently in beginning then I think he won’t were what he is today.

So, Be consistent!

Lesson 6: Be Transparent with your audience

If you are just being Fake guru by telling your audience wrong information, showing them fake earning reports just to make them your audience then you won’t succeed my friend.

Always be Transparent with your audience. This is a kind of success matra. The more you build transparency with your audience, they trust you more and they will also listen to you.

Harsh Agrawal always build transparency with his audience. That’s one of the major reason behind his grand Success. Not believed? See the image below.

Look, How Harsh sir create report articles. Its amazing right? This is not the only way to be transparent. There are many ways like giving honest review or opinion about any product that you are promoting, Speak truth etc.

Lesson 7: Time is Money

“Time is money,” which indicates that if we use our time wisely, we can make money, however if we waste it, we will miss out on the potential to make money. 

A person’s fate is unpredictable, and we never know when a wonderful chance may present itself; it all depends on how we spend our time. 

A single moment may be the difference between reaching new heights in life and plummeting to new lows.

This is the best learning that I learned from my blogging inspiration, “Harsh Agrawal”. Always utilize your time. That’s it.

FAQs About Harsh Agrawal

Final thoughts on 7 Powerful Lessons to learn from Harsh Agrawal

Hey there, I hope you have loved this article. Harsh Agrawal is really an amazing and interesting guy. His blog, ShoutMeLoud is a very good source of information.

I personally follow ShoutMeLoud and the content I get there I don’t find that anywhere.

If this has helped you a little bit then kindly share it with you circle and leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Thankyou for reading this article,
Happy Blogging, Take Care, Bye Bye,
Digital Pravakar!

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  1. Harsh Agarwal Aka Blogging Gaint!

    There is no chance, if someone is in the digital marketing space hasn’t visited shoutmeloud. I’m aware of harsh from 2017 I guess. I learned blogging basics, fixing 500 errors or whatnot from his blogging network.

    I’d love to add one more thing that I learned from Harsh, He doesn’t want someone to have a loss from his deeds.

  2. Hi Pravakar,
    I absolutely admit the above mentioned points. Even, I did some mistakes in the initial days like not building lists and irregular publishing.
    One more thing that I like the most is looking for multiple sources of income. I made this mistake in starting by targeting only Adsense. Thankfully, got to know about Affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for sharing the article.
    Nitin Dabas

  3. Great one Pravakar,

    Harsh Agarwal is definitely an inspiration for all the people who are in the blogging field. I also learned many Blogging and SEO tips from his blog.

    Thank you covering this awesome topic.

  4. Hello Pravakar,

    You have written a full-packed article! From this article, I have learned many things! Keep creating this type of content, and this is a very informative article.

    I learned so many things from ShoutMeLoud.com, and it’s my first learning school for blogging.

    Thank you so much for writing this article!


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