An Ultimate Guide To Start A Blog In 2021 [ Step By Step ]

Want To Start Your Own Professional Blog In 2021?

Good Decision!

Hey Awesome Guys,

It’s Me Pravakar Kr. Singh Here,

Now-a-days, Many people Want To Create Their Blog and Make an identity in Online Community. But Because Of No Any Knowledge Of Starting A Blog, They Decide To Leave it. That’s The Main Problem.

Starting A Blog Isn’t Easy. Right?

Absolutely Right, So Today, I Will Give You An Ultimate Guide To Start A Blog In 2021 [ Step By Step ]. So You Can Also Create A Professional Blog, yourself.

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An Ultimate Guide To Start A Blog In 2021

Today, In This Article, I Will Try To Cover all The Main Topics Like How to Select Niche, How to Select A Good Domain, How to buy hosting etc. Here is An Ultimate Guide To Start A Blog in 2021.

If You Also Want To Start A Blog On WordPress Then, Without Any Doubt, Read This Article Till The End.

So, Without Wasting Your Valuable Time, Let’s Get Started.

What Is A Blog?

The Collection Of Web Pages Where You Can Publish Your Unique Articles Is Called A Blog. It Is Run By An Individual Person Or A Small Group.  It isn’t run by a big company or group.

You Can Publish Your Unique and Informative Article In A Blog. It Will Also Help You To Make Your Own Identity In The Online Community. You Can Also Make Money From Your Blog. Means Starting A Blog Can Help You To Build Your Own Identity In The Online Community And Can Make Money Also.

Why Should You Start A Blog?

Now, Maybe You Will Ask, Why Should We Start A Blog? So, I have Also an Answer For This. So, Basically, There are Many benefits Of Starting A Blog But Today I Will Tell You Some Benefits Of Starting A Blog.

Identity In Online Community

Yes, You Listened Correct. You Can Build Your Own Identity In Online Community.

But How?

Good Question! Yes, you can build your identity in the online community by starting a blog. But for that, you have to work hard on your blog.

You have to publish quality & depth content On Your Blog. And I would like to recommend you that always publish original content. Never do copy-paste. Because It will harm a lot to your blog.

When You start publishing your original articles on Your Blog, then readers will know about you. and then the more SEO you do, the more people start knowing you. And then slowly your Identity Will Be Created in the blogging industry.

Your Writing Skill Will Be Developed

Yes, If You Will Start A Blog Then Your Writing Skill Will Be Also Developed. It Will Not Be Happen Immediately, But It Will Happen Definitely.

Now, How Will It Develop Your Writing Skill?

So, If You Start Your Blog. Then At First, You Won’t Be Able To Write A Better Content Because It Will Be Your First Time.

But Slowly Slowly, When You Will Try To Improve Your Content, Then After That You Will Learn To Write Better Content. And Then Your Writing Skill Also Will Developed. Right? So This Way Your Writing Skill Also Will be Developed.

Promote Your Products

The Another Reason Of Why You Should Start A Blog Is That You Can Promote Your Products Here. Now, For Example: If You Have Any Product And You Want To Sell It Then You Can Easily Do That Through your Blog.

But How?

By Writing Articles Related With It. Now, If you Want To Sell An e-book, Then You Can Write An Article About Your E-book On Your Blog. And You Can Also Give A Link To Purchase Your E-book. This Way, You Can Promote Your Products Through Your Blog and You Can Also Earn Money By Selling Products.

Differences Between A Blog And Website

I think Many Of You Will Thinking That What Are The Differences Between Blogs and Website. If You Were Thinking This Then You Don’t Have To Think Much Because Here Are Some Main Differences Between A Blog And A Website:

1. A Blog Run By an Individual Person Or A Small Group While A Website is Run By a Company Or A Huge Group.

2. A Blog is Being Updated regularly with new content While Websites are not Being updated frequently.

3. Contents Of A Blog Is In The Form Of Blog Posts While Websites Are Static in Nature Where Contents Are Organized In Pages.

4. A Blog Is Created To Spread The Owner’s Knowledge, At Another Side, Website Is Created For Promoting The Owner’s Services & Products.

Step 1: Choose A Platform For Blogging

start a blog in 2021

Yes, Now You Have Understood The Basic Information About Blogging. Right?

Now You Have To Choose Where Do You Want To Start A Blog, On WordPress, or Blogger. If You Have Money To Invest In Blogging Then You Should Go With WordPress And If You Don’t Have Money To Invest And Even That You Want To Start Your Blog Then You Can Go With Blogger Platform Which Is Absolutely Free.

Having Problem On Choosing? If Yes, Then Here Are The Differences Between Blogger & WordPress.

1. Blogger Is A Free Platform While You Have To Buy Hosting & Domain Before Starting A Blog On WordPress. So If You Have Money To Invest Then You Can Go With WordPress & If You Don’t Have Money To Invest Then You Can Go With Blogger.

2. You Won’t Get Many Facilities In Blogger While In WordPress You Will Get Unexpected Facilities. Now Here, In The Case Of Facilities, You Should Go With WordPress.

3. Now, In WordPress There Any Many Plugins Available To Make Your Blog More Better But In Blogger You Cannot Install Any Kind Of Plugins To make Your Blog More Better.

4. In Blogger, You Won’t Have Full Control On Your Blog Means Google Can Delete Your Blog Whenever They Want But They Won’t Delete Your Blog Without Any Reason. While In WordPress, You Have Full Control On Your Blog. Now, If You Want To Have Full Control Of Your Blog On Your Own Then You Should Start Your Blog With WordPress.

At The Last, I Would Like To Recommend You To Go With Blogger If You Have no money for investing and If You Have Money To Invest Then Go With WordPress.

Step 2: Pick A Good Niche For Your Blog

Now, After Choosing Any One Platform For Blogging, You Have To Select A Niche.

But Wait, What is Niche?

Yeah So,  A Niche Is A Kind Of Topic On Which You Will Write an Article. For Example, My Blog’s Niche is Blogging, SEO & Affiliate marketing. Right? Now You May Have Noticed That I am Posting Articles Only About Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing.

Because Blogging & Technology Is My Niche. So Same Like This, You Have To Select A Niche For Your Blog. There Are Many Niches Like Golf, Technology, Blogging, etc. But  I Will Recommend You To Select Your Interested Topic As Your Niche.

Step 3: Select A Domain Name For Your Blog

Selecting A Good Domain Is Very Important. You Have To Select A Good Domain Name. But What Is A Domain? So, A Domain Is A Kind Of Unique URL Where Your Blog Will Be Located.

It’s The Address Of Your Blog. For Example:  Whenever We Want To Visit YouTube. Then We Simply, Type In Browser. Right? Now, is the address of YouTube. Here Are The Quick Tips For Selecting A Domain Name:

1. Try To Choose A Domain Which Contains Your Keyword

.  Yes, If You Choose A Domain That Consist Your Keyword Then It Will Easy To Know The Topic Of Your Blog. But How? Now, If I Tell You “Blogging Techz” Now You Will Think That This Blog Is Related With Blogging & Technology. If You Also Put Your Keyword In Your Domain Then It Also Will Be Easy To Rank. Not Much Easy But It Will Help You Ranking The Blog.

2. Don’t Choose Long Domain Name.

Maximum Character Of Domain Should be 15.Your Domain Name Should Not Be So Long. Because It’s Not Easy To Remember A Long Domain Name. You Should Make Your Domain Length Short. Because It Is Easy To Remember And It Also Makes Your Readers Easy To Find Your Blog.

3. Don’t Use Numbers ( For Example: 1,2,3 etc.) And Characters Like: . , / , -, etc.

Now, You Have Seen Many Pro Bloggers Like Anil Agarwal, Chayan Chakrabarti, Sumit Sao, Etc. Don’t Use Characters Like .,/,-,\ etc. In Their Blog’s Domain Name. Because It isn’t Good To Put It. Why? Because Many Peoples While Searching Don’t Use This Type Of Characters ( . , ” , \ , etc. )

4. Make It Easy To Type

Yes, You Should Select A Domain Which is Easy To Type Also. Because When It’s Easy To Type Then Your Visitors Can Easily Remember Your Domain Name. And They Don’t Need To Ask Other For Your Blog. It Also Effect On Ranking. Because As You Know That, People Don’t Want To Type Difficult Keywords. If You Make Your Domain Easy To Type Then The Chances Of Beating Your Competitor Will Be Increased.

5. It Should Be Unique.

Absolutely, Your Domain Name Should Be Unique. It Shouldn’t Be Matched With Other’s Domain. Like My Domain Name Is “BloggingTechz.Com” Now It’s Unique. If You Search In Google “Blogging Techz” Then It Shows My Official Facebook Page & Group. Because It’s Unique.

6. Now, Choose A Domain & Check Its Availability.

Yes, Now After Completing The Above Things, If You Find A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog. How? You Can Use Many Blog Name Generator Tools Which Are Widely Used. I Will Recommend You To Use The Following Tools For Finding Domain name Ideas:

1. Lean Domain Search

2. Name Station

3. Domain Wheel

4. Name Boy

5. Panabee

6. Blog Name Generator By Themeisle

Step 4: Pick A Good Hosting

So, Friend, Hosting Is A Kind Of Service That Makes Your Blog And Each Individual Post Available 24 Hours On The Internet. All Of Your Data Will Be Stored On Your Hosting.

In fact, When You Will Start Your Blog On Blogger Then, You Don’t Need To Buy Any Hosting. But in WordPress, You need to buy hosting. There Are Many Hosting Companies. Among Them The Listed Hostings Are Good.

  1. NameCheap
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. WPX Hosting

There are many more hosting companies but i have listed only 3 hosting above. Why? Because the above 3 hosting are awesome, affordable and trustable.

Let’s discuss in detail about the above 3 hosting.


  1. NameCheap

Hey, whenever you want to start your blog on WordPress then you look for a good & affordable web hosting. Right?

So, if you are just starting your blog then i will highly recommend you to go with Namecheap’s Shared Hosting. Honestly, I am also using this hosting on my blog. And its really awesome hosting. You can surely go with it to start your perfect blog on WordPress.

2. Greengeeks

So, Greengeeks is also one of the most awesome and fast web hosting. Its trustable too. Many of the top bloggers of the industry uses this hosting and they are also fuly satisfied with its service.

Anyway, Most of the Newbies cannot afford it. But if you can afford this hosting then should go with this hosting.

3. WPX Hosting

Like the previous 2 hostings, this is not cheap. This is really a fantastic hosting that is so expensive. But its performance is too good & really awesome. It’s one of the best hosting companies. Many Top bloggers use and recommend this hosting for high traffic sites.

Although, Its very expensive and not affordable by many bloggers. But, If you want to get good performance in your site. WPX can easily handle high traffic sites.

Step 5: Buy Hosting

There are many good web hosting companies from which you can buy hosting. Now, I will show you the steps for buying a hosting.

I will show you how to buy Namecheap’s hosting because I am also using this hosting and I know well that how to buy hosting from it. Here are the steps for buying Namecheap’s hosting.

Lets see the steps you have to follow while buying Namecheap hosting.

STEP 1:- Click This Special Link To Land On Namechaep

Step 2:- Click On Hosting & Then on Shared Hosting.

Step 3:- Select the plan which you want to buy & click on Get Started.

Step 4:- Now, enter the domain which you want to buy & click on Connect with Hosting.

Step 5:- Click on ‘Add to cart’.

Step 6:- Select the period for which you want to buy domain and hosting.

Step 7:- Activate Auto-renew if you want to renew your domain and hosting automatically.

Step 8:- Apply any coupon code if you have and Click on Confirm Order.

Step 9:- Select your payment method & enter your billing details.

Step 10:- Click on Continue.

Now after completing these steps, you will receive some mails ( may of confirmation order or something else like Cpanel details etc. ). You have to do as written in mails like confirmation or other steps.

Now, if you will complete all the steps, then go to Namecheap again, and login to your account. Now, You will be able to see your domain and hosting will be also attached in the domain.

Hooray! Congrats, You have successfully bought domain & hosting for your blog.

Now What To Do?

So guys, now you have to install WordPress on your hosting. It’s too easy to install WordPress. Let’s see how can you install WordPress.

Step 6: Installing WordPress

So now, you have to install WordPress in C-panel. If you want to install WordPress in Cpanel then follow following steps.

Step 1:- Go to your namecheap’s dashboard.

Step 2:- Go to product list’s hosting Option.

Step 3:- Click on Go to Cpanel.

Step 4:- Scroll down & Find WordPress by Softaculous & Click on that.

Step 5:- Click on Install Now.

Step 6:- Choose a good Protocol ( I will recommend https:// ) & Choose your domain.

Step 7:- Enter your Site name, Description & Choose a username & password for your blog.

Step 8:- Click on Install.

Step 9:- After Clicking on Install it takes few minutes to be installed WordPress. After it installed, you will see a congratulations Notification Page like below:

Hooray! Congrats On successfully installing WordPress. Now, what to do? So, now you have to go to your admin login page which you will see in the Notification page which is above the image.

Like in my case, my login page is You will also get the admin login page link on the notification page.

Step 10:- Login To your WordPress dashboard.

So, for login to your WP-dashboard, First, you have to visit the login page of your blog and then enter the username & password that you have selected while installing WordPress. And then Click on Login.

After Clicking on Login, you will see your WordPress dashboard like the below image:

Step 7: Set up Your WordPress Blog

So finally after installing WordPress, you have to set up your blog. There are many things that you have to set up. Right? But today, I am only going to tell you about the basic setup of a blog that is necessary. So, are you ready? Let’s start setting up your blog.

1. Do Basic Setting of your Blog.

Yes, Now you have to do some basic setting in your blog. So the first thing you have to do is change the name and description of your blog.

a) Change Name & Tagline Of Your Blog

For changing name and tagline of your blog, first, you have to go to Setting of your WordPress dashboard. Then, Enter your site’s name & tagline. After that, Scroll down the page and click on Save Changes.

b) . Changing Permalink Setting Of Your Blog.

Now, maybe you know, we should always set good link for posts & pages we create in our blog. Now if you create an about us page and its URL looks like: , It doesn’t looks good. Right?

So, now, you have to change the setting of permalinks. For that first, you have to go to Setting of your Blog’s WordPress dashboard. Then, Select the Permalinks Option. And Tick on Post Name. After this, Click On Save Changes.

2. Choose A Perfect Theme For Your Blog.

Yes, Now, You have to choose a theme to use on your blog. There are many theme available in the market. You can use anyone of them.

But wait, Are all themes good? No, Not all themes are good. Why? Because Some themes may contain virus, malwares that can harm your site’s speed and other things.

So, you should choose a perfect & awesome theme for your blog. I will suggest you to look the below thing in a theme before using it.

  1. Is it Light Weight?
  2. Is it Responsive?
  3. Is it a fast loading theme?
  4. Has it a good layout design?
  5. Is it SEO Optimized?

If you found a theme with the above features then go with it. Now, here, I will suggest you to use the Generate Press theme on your blog. Because It has all of the above features and many other features too.

Let’s see, how can you install a theme on your blog.

Step 1:- Go to your WordPress dashboard and Click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New

Step 2:- Now, Enter the theme’s name which you want to install and search. Then, Click on Install.

Step 3:- After Installation, Click On Activate.

Congrats! You have successfully installed a theme on your blog. So, this was the whole process on installing a free theme on your blog. But, How to install a purchased theme?

So if you have purchased any theme then for installing it, follow the below steps. But before installing it, Make sure that the theme file should be in .zip format.

Step 1:- Go To Appearance >> Add New >> Upload Theme.

Step 2:- Click On Choose File & Select Your file. Then, click on Install.

Step 3:- After installation, you will see the activate button to active the theme. Click on that.

When you have purchased the theme, may you have got a license key. So, For starting receiving updates, you have to put license key. So, How to Put it?

Follow these steps to put license key of your theme.

Step 1:- After Installing & Activating theme, Go to Plugin Section. And, Find the theme in the plugin section.

Step 2:- Click On Configure.

Step 2:- Enter Your License Key Here & Click On Save.

Important Note

Don’t Share Your License Key With Others. If you share the license key you got, may it get leaked and you cannot use it upon your other site

Done! Congrats, You have successfully installed a premium theme on your blog.

Install Necessary Plugins

Now, You have to install some necessary Plugins for your blog. But before I tell you about some necessary plugins, Let’s see, How can you install a Plugin.

For Installing any plugin, Follow Below Steps.

Step 1:- Go To Plugin Section.

Step 2:- Click on Add New.

Step 3:- Search the Plugin which you want to install.

Step 4:- Click on Install & Activate the plugin.

How to install a premium Purchased Plugin?

So for installing a premium purchased Plugin, You have to follow below steps.

Step 1:- Go to Plugin Section.

Step 2:- Click On Add New.

Step 3:- Click on Upload Plugin.

Step 4:- Choose the premium file of plugin ( .zip ) which you want to install.

Step 5:- Click On Install & then click on Activate.

Now if you have got any license key with the plugin you purchased. Then you have to link the license with plugin to get updates. For connecting license with plugin follow below steps:

Step 1:- After Activation the premium plugin, Go to plugin section.

Step 2:- Find the Plugin that you installed & Click on Configure.

Step 3:- Enter the license key that you have got with the plugin.

Step 4:- Click on Save.

All Done!

So, Here are the list of Plugin which you should definitely install in your Blog.

1. Forget Spam Comment ( Free ) – Its very important to protect your site from spamming. This plugin is for protecting your site from spam comment. Yes, This Plugin will keep your blog Spam Free. And the great thing is that, this plugin is 100% free. I am also using this Plugin & fully satisfied with it.

2. Rank Math SEO ( Free & Paid ) – So, Every Blogger’s dream is to Rank On Google. Right? So, Rank Math SEO will help you to rank your blog post in search engine.

It will show you, how can you improve On-page SEO for your blog post. It will show you a score of SEO. It doesn’t mean that a High score will rank your blog first in google. It will only show how can you improve SEO. Even, I am using this plugin in my blog.

3. Elementor Pro ( Paid and Free ) or Thrive Architect ( Paid ) – Although, Its not necessary to create a custom homepage and theme design for our blog.

But, for making our blog’s homepage and whole blog’s theme attractive, You have to create a Custom theme & homepage. So, Elementor And Thrive Architect are two popular WordPress Page builder plugin. Even, this whole post is designed with Elementor Pro.

4. Updraft Plus- For Taking and restoring backups of a blog. If you want to take backups of your blog. Then, This plugin is the best plugin for taking backup. Even, We are using this plugin for taking our site’s backup.

5. Wordfence Security ( Free & Paid )- Wordfence security is one of the best security plugin for a WordPress blog. Many of the top bloggers use & recommend this plugin to use. We are also using this plugin. Although, Its both free & paid version are available but the free version is enough at starting.

6. WP Forms ( Free & Paid )- It’s necessary to create some forms in a blog like Contact form and other forms if needed. There are many plugins available for creating forms. I have also used many but among them, I found WP Forms the best plugin to create forms.

7. Social Snap ( Free & Paid )- Social Snap is one of the best social sharing plugins that I have ever used. I am still using this plugin because of its features. As you can see on the left side of the contents of my blog, there are floating social sharing buttons. Right?

I have added this through the help of Social Snap. Not only me, but Many of the top bloggers also use this plugin.

Create Important Pages

Now, You have to create some important pages. There are many pages that you have to create. But your blog must have legal pages like Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

Not only these pages, but your blog should have other pages also like the About Us page, Contact us page.

How to Create above pages? So, For creating above pages, may below paragraph help you.

Create About Us Page:- For creating an about us page, you don’t need to know much things. Just on the about us page, you have to write about yourself and about your blog, your blogging journey as well.

Create Disclaimer Page:- Disclaimer is an important page that your blog must-have. For creating a Disclaimer page, you can use free online tools like which is 100% free.

Create Privacy Policy Page:- It is also one of the most important pages that you have to create for your blog. For creating this page also, you can use a free site like .

Create Terms & Conditions Page:- Like Disclaimer & Privacy Policy pages, This page is also a must-important page for a blog. It’s too easy to create it. You can use sites like for creating the Terms & Condition page.

Contact Us Page:- Contact Us page is very important page that you must create for your blog. It helps your reader to contact you. You can easily create Contact Us page in the form of Form. You can create it by using form builder plugins like WP forms.

Affiliate Disclosure:- There is no any blogger who don’t love honesty. Not only bloggers, but all people love honesty. So, If you are using affiliate link on your blog then you must create an affiliate disclosure page in which you have to tell that you have used some of affiliate links on your blog.

Step 8: Write & Publish Your First Blog Post

So, Now, you have to write and publish your first blog post. There are many ways to write a good and effective blog post. But, I will suggest you to Read below article by top bloggers on How to write an effective blog post.

  1. How To Write Your First Blog Post? 10 Crucial Step For Effective Writing: By Archana Tiwari
  2. How to Write a Well Researched and Good Blog Post in 9 Easy Steps in 2020: By Sumit Sao
  3. How to Write A Blog Post for Your Blog That Goes Viral Online in 2021: By Anil Agarwal
  4. How To Create Informative Blog Posts Even If You’re Not Good At Writing: By Harsh Agarwal

Now, after reading above article, you can write a good blog post. I will suggest you to write your post first on Google Docs and then after completing the article, you can copy paste in WordPress.

Quick Tips For Writing An Effective Blog Post

1. Frist, Find A Good Topic for your post.

2. Only talk about related topics to the post.

3. Use Heading & Subheadings like H1, H2, H3, etc. at the proper place.

4. Make the title of your post catchy & attractive.

5. Don’t use difficult words, only use simple and daily use words.

6. Keep Paragraph small ( 1-3 line only ).

Now, You have to post the article that you have write on your blog. For publishing article on your blog, follow the below steps:-

Step 1:- Go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2:- Click on Posts >> Add New.

Step 3:- Add A Title.

Step 4:- Enter your content.

Important Note

May You don’t see post editor interface of your blog like below. We are using Gutenberg editor that’s why the below content editor is this type.

Quick Note

I will recommend you to use for making your title more attractive. You just need to enter a simple title of your blog then that site automatically converts it to an attractive title.

Step 5:- Create a Meta description of the post.

Step 6:- Click on Publish for publishing, Draft for saving and Preview for seeing how does your post looks after it will be published.

Step 9: How Can You Promote Your Blog?

So, Lets come to one of the hard part of starting a blog. Yes, Its promoting a blog. Its hard to promote a blog in starting. Right? So, here are some special and proven tips for promoting a new blog.

1. Create A Facebook page and group for your blog.

Yes, you can create a Facebook group and Facebook page for promoting your blog. At starting, you can share your blog post’s links and tell a few words about what you have covered in the post.

In a Facebook group, add more members ( of your niche ) as you can. Keep your Facebook group Private. Don’t use your Facebook group only for promoting your content. You have also to share valuable tips & other guy’s post link in your blog. As you know, Sharing is caring. If you will share other’s content, other will share your content.

2. Never promote your content in groups where it is not necessary.

Now, If you content is related to technology and you promote it in comedy groups. It doesn’t make any sense. right? So, you should always promote your blog in the right places. You have to find groups that is related to your niche. So, you can promote your content there.

3. Use the power of Social Medias

Nowadays, there are many social media networks to promote your blog like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can take benefits of it. How? You have to create account on many social media networks and then, you can connect people who are from your niche and then you can also promote your blog posts.

4. Question / Answer on Quora

Undoubtedly, Quora is one of the best Q/A platform for promoting a blog. You have to search of a question of that you have answered in your post. Now what? Just find the questions and give a short answer to it and add your post’s link. We are also using Quora for generating traffic.

Step 10: How Can You Make Money From Your Blog?

Want To Make Money From Your Blog? Your answer will be ‘Yes’. Right?

Absolutely, Right. Because no one invest in anything if there is no profit after investing.

I know, you also want to earn from your blog. But, Is it possible to earn from a blog? Yes, Its 100% Possible.

Now, Let’s come to the most interesting topic, How can you make money from your blog? So basically, there are many mays of earning from your blog but the following are the most popular ways.

1. Google AdSense ( or any other ads network ).

Google AdSense is a very good method to monetize your blog. You just have to write 15+ Unique articles on your blog and you also have to manage the following things:

a) Your Blog should be connected to Search Console.
b) Your Blog should be connected to Google Analytics.
c) Your blog shouldn’t have copied content.
d) Your blog should have good speed.
e) YOur Blog should be at least 3-6 months old.
f) Make your blog look simple. and so on.

Once, you have completed doing above things, you can apply for Google AdSense or any other ads network. But, I will suggest you to apply for Google AdSense because its trustable.

After you will get approved, the ad network will start showing ads to your site and when your visitor click on the ads, you will earn some amounts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to monetize a blog. In affiliate marketing, First you have to find selling products in your niche and then you have to join its affiliate program. After you got approved, you will get a unique link.

Now, What? You have to promote the affiliate product on your blog and if anyone will purchase it through your Unique link then you will earn a commission.

3. Offer Services

I am sure that minimum 10% of you guys will have an excellent skill in something after doing blogging like Web designing, SEO, Content writting etc.

So, if you have these skills, then you can get paid and earn money by offering these services on your blog. If anyone wants to give you work and if you did it, They will pay you for your effort on that work. I will suggest you to accept any work if you have a good skill in that work.

FAQ On How To Start A Blog In 2021


Wow, Congrats! You’ve successfully created your blog on WordPress.

Now, Go & Start Creating useful & helpful content on your blog.

I hope, Today, you have learned many things from this article. And One more thing that If you are thinking that Blogging is a Quick rich scheme then you are completely wrong! It may take upto 1 Year to earn from your blog.

Work Hard on your blog, Publish helpful contents, Don’t Copy paste are few tips for making your blogging journey successful.

Thanks for reading this article.

Happy Blogging!

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