WP Forms Review 2021: Is it the best form builder plugin for WordPress site?

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If you have a WordPress blog then it is mandatory to create forms on your site like Contact form. Forms help your readers to reach out to you without sharing personal email id or contact information by you.

If you will create forms on your site then it will help your readers to contact you as well as you can also engage with your audeince.

Personally, I have used many form builder plugins before but My favorite form builder plugin is WP FORMS. It don’t allow you to create only contact form, You can create many forms with the help of WP Forms plugin.

Well, Today, I will give you in-depth review of WP Forms that will help you to know about WP forms in detail. So, Are you ready? Okay, Let’s get started.

WP Forms overview

WP forms is a drag and drop form builder plugin for a WordPress blog. This plugin was founded by Sayed Balkhi and Jared Atchison in 2009. This plugin is is in market since 12 years. And Now, It is one of the best drag and drop form builder plugin.

I am personally a huge fan of WP forms. I am using this from few weeks and it is more than I expected. And I am sure many of you will love the plugin after using it. Not only me, Many of the professional bloggers of the industry also use and recommend this plugin to their audience.

If you are looking for the best drag and drop form builder plugin then WP Forms is the first plugin that I would like to recommend you. Not believed? Look some proofs.

  1. Look the number of downloads. Its more than 4 million. Its literally awesome. Right? Its only because of their great service and support.
wp forms review 2021

2. Look at their rating. Its average rating is 4.9 out of 5 ? and more than 90% of reviewers have rated WP Forms 5 Star.

Now, I am sure you believed me. Right? So, Yes, WP Forms is easy to use, very trusted plugin and also a very useful plugin, right?

Some Major Benefits of WP Forms

Now, lets talk about some major benefits that you will get when you will use WP Forms. Well, There are a lot of benefits but today, I will cover some major benefits only. So, lets talk about its benefits.

#1. No Technical Knowledge Needed to Use

Well, if you are wondering that does it require any coding skill to use it? I was also thinking the same before using WP Forms. Now, answering your doubts, You can easily create forms by WP Form’s drag & drop feature.

You don’t need to be a coding guru to use WP Forms. This is the best feature that I love about WP Forms. I am sure you will love this feature too.

So yes, this plugin allows you to create form by just dragging and dropping the elements which you want to be in your form.

#2. 100+Readymade Form Designs

If you don’t have much time to create and customize forms then WP Forms have solution for it. You can use 100+ Readymade form designs. ( In Pro version only ) In free version, you will get 13+ Readymade template designs.

Now, you might be wondering that there are only few readymade templates, Right? So, See at the last section of Additional Templates there you can see a link to Form templates pick addon.

Did you saw? If you click on the link you will be able to see demo and use 100+ Premium template designs. Have a look on the image below.

Looked? Its amazing, Isn’t it? It has many template addons like Payment form ( You can accept payment via it ), File upload forms, Login forms etc.

#3. 100% Responsive

Your entire blog must be 100% responsive. It effects in Ranking as well as bounce rate too. So, your all pages and posts should be responsive.

But, is WP Forms 100% Responsive? Definitely, YES! Its 100% Responsive which means it won’t effect in your ranking and bounce rate. Cool ? right?

#4. Amazing Support Team

The next and my favorite feature of WP Forms is their support. Their support is literally appreciable. If you want to ask any question to WP Forms then their Support team replies you within 24 hours. Look at the image below.

wp forms review 2021

Looked? I sent them mail on about 11 AM and the replied me within 24 hours which is amazing and the middle mail is auto responded.

One of the major benefits of this feature is that You won’t stuck anywhere.

#5. Money Back Guarantee

WP Forms all premium plans come with Money back guarantee which means if you purchase WP Forms and not happy or satisfied with it then WP Forms don’t need your money. They will refund your money without any question asked.

But there is a criteria that you have to apply for refund within 14 days of purchasing WP Forms. That’s it. Now, you can buy it without any doubts and if you will not be satisfied then you can refund it. 🙂

WP Forms Pricing

Now, Lets talk about its pricing. What do you think? Will it be affordable or not? I can understand your curiosity. So, lets have a look on WP Form’s pricing.

wp forms review 2021

Totally, It has 4 Plans as you can see in the image above. the starting plan is affordable. You can go with your needs.

Basic Plan

Basic plan is the most affordable plan of WP Forms and also the cheapest plan of it. I think many beginners can easily afford it. The main features of WP Form’s Basic plan are like below:

Plus Plan

If we talk about plus plan then its little much expensive than the basic plan but yes, It is worth it. Its major features are listed below.

Pro Plan

Pro plan is the recommended and the most popular plan of WP Forms. I know its expensive but like all plans of WP Forms, It is also worth it as there are many cool features in it. Below are some major features of Pro Plan.

Elite Plan

It is the most expensive plan of WP Forms. Its Price is $299.50/Year which most of the beginners cannot afford. So, Here are some major features of Elite Plan:

FAQs On WP Forms

Final Words

At last, I would like to tell you guys that WP Forms is totally worth it. There are many amazing benefits of using it. If you are new then also, you can use its Free version.

And if you are serious about creating many forms with many features then WP Forms is the best option for you. Thanks for reading this article.

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